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My Bentley Story by Andrew Blum

There are several things that come to mind when I think about what Bentley has given me...of course, it has given lifelong friends who I'm still very close with today, as well as a career in health care. It also gave me the opportunity to get closer to my brothers when I was a senior and they were both freshman. It brought out my passion for volunteering and giving back to the community. It gave me the opportunity to learn guitar and push myself to play on campus at the pub...which I still continue to do a few times a year. A memory that sticks out is telling the story about how Bentley got me a 2013 Red Sox World Series ring. The summer after my freshman year, I was an Orientation leader...when they were looking for someone to be Flex when parents dropped off their kids, I volunteered. Well I guess it stuck and I continued to be the mascot at football games, basketball games, and other events on campus...being able to show my passion/enthusiasm for Bentley in a different way. After graduation, I got the opportunity to "try out" to be part of the mascot team with the Red Sox...I guess having "mascot experience" came in handy. Now that I'm about to start my 9th season with the team, I've been a part of some pretty cool when Flex & Wally led the crowd singing "Sweet Caroline" at the '12 Bentley Commencement...when I ran onto the field with Wally when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2013...and at countless events for The Jimmy Fund and other charities. This picture is from the Bentley hockey game at Fenway this year...a nice reminder of how my Red Sox and Bentley worlds collide.


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