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My Bentley Story by Brianna Nichols

Transferring to Bentley was the greatest decision I have ever made. When I decided I wanted to be a business major, I knew that I wanted to be at the best business school and that school is Bentley. My first semester at Bentley, I became an active member of different clubs and organizations, becoming a part of Bentley in as many ways as I could. I wanted to guide fellow transfer students in their transition to Bentley, so I became a Transfer Seminar Facilitator. It was rewarding to use my experience to help other students with the same process. Through the CDI 101 course I became determined in my career path and internships, embracing the value Bentley places on reaching your career goals. Despite my hometown being 15 minutes away, I chose to live on campus to get the full Bentley experience. By immersing myself in the Bentley culture that all tour guides speak so fondly of, I was no longer defined by being a transfer student and became a full-fledged Bentley student. My Bentley story gets even sweeter because not only was I a transfer student to Bentley, but my mother was as well. She is a double falcon alumna. I am proud to be a legacy at Bentley. Attending Bentley has bonded us even closer. I am grateful to Bentley for that and for the education and career services it has provided me. I hope this legacy continues in the future with my family.


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