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My Bentley Story by Courtney O'Regan

I drove by Bentley while visiting dozens of other colleges with no intentions of it becoming my future home. I never considered studying business until my mom mentioned we take a quick "drive through" campus. Now, headed into my final year, I reflect on the fact that my best memories and toughest challenges have been shared with a network of Falcons that I am proud to continue to expand. I'm grateful to have began my journey with Alder 4, to have shared my love for dance with CRAZE Hip Hop crew, to have become a better version of myself with the OL's of 2015, to have travelled throughout Australia and New Zealand with the Bondie's of last fall, and most importantly, to share my love for Bentley with prospective students through working in Undergraduate Admission. Shoutout to the Centennial Class for making Bentley so hard to leave behind. Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected.


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