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My Bentley Story by Daniel Casey

Back in 1979, Bentley College was one of only three colleges that I applied! Hard to believe, I know. I chose Bentley because it was my #1 choice and I wanted to be in a different state, and being close to Boston was going to be a huge plus. My major was Marketing Management, but some of my favorite classes were in literature, history and philosophy. What I remember most about my Bentley experience was being surrounded by kids my age, the beautiful campus, dorm pranks, Brickyard Tavern, Live Bands behind Brook Hall, travels into Boston and swimming in Walden Pond. There were different aspects of college life; there was many happy highlights, all night studying (and partying) and also some tough times. I am still filled with happy memories and the tug of nostalgia for those “Bentley Days”.


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