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My Bentley Story by Daniel Sullivan

I entered Bentley in September, 1982 as a transfer student from Massachusetts Bay Community College. Therefore, I only had two years with my classmates, while most Bentley students were there for 4 years and beyond. I had many jobs during my two years at Bentley, mostly clerical positions. I was a member of these clubs while at Bentley: Campus Activities Board, Catholic Student Organization, Business Communications Club and Commuter Association. I commuted from home each school day as I wanted to have a quiet space to study and a life outside of Bentley. My overall GPA was 2.7,; Accounting (my major) was 2.3 so my grades were not the greatest. I received my Bachelor's Degree from then-President Gregory Adamian, whom some of my classmates named him Uncle Gregory. I really enjoyed all the fun times while a Bentley student. Eventually, I was hired as a Staff Accountant one year after I graduated.


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