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My Bentley Story by Frank Elenio

The truth is I had not heard of Bentley University until the summer before my junior year of high school. I was at my cousin's house and we were casually talking about the beginning of my college search when I expressed that I wanted to study business, stay near a city, and compete in swimming at an NCAA level. His fiance eagerly mentioned her brother's experience at Bentley, a school then unheard of to me. The instant she told me about it, I did a lot of research, added the school to my list and immediately scheduled a visit. The following February, I finally visited (on a very snowy day, no less) and loved it! Bentley was instantly my top choice! I returned in the fall on a recruiting trip with the Bentley Swimming and Diving team, and fell in love with everything from the campus, to the classroom setting I sat-in on, to the swim team. Three short years after that spontaneous and unexpected conversation, I am beginning my sophomore year and proud to be a Bentley Honors Program student and a school record holder for Bentley Swimming and Diving, and I am absolutely enjoying every second of my Bentley experience!


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