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My Bentley Story by Janak Joshi

Why Bentley Taught Me To Disrupt: The 90's were what we in venture capital refer to now as "the glory days". The World Wide Web was going to change lives and we were all going to be flying in cars in our space suits. The maturity to rationalize a sustainable value that a networked technology like the "internet" brought was that of a two-year-old. Because we could, we did and because we did -- we all thought we were kings of our the hills. I met my first startup team in Jeff Schuman's class talking over the topic of "team dynamics". I met the founding crew over beers and learnt about "the art of the pitch" and about the disruption hype cycle -- the old school way -- by actually doing it. Everything I know today and why I continued to be in the world of startups and live that life from almost two decades ago can be traced back to Jeff's class and my days at Bentley in the 90's. I remember the time on campus like it was yesterday and can iterate my experiences on campus with friends and professors as the best experience of my life. I still carry the lessons I learnt in and out of the classroom and wish I was back being a student.


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