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My Bentley Story by Jess Fonseca

The minute I set foot on campus, I knew I wanted to go to Bentley. Nevermind the fact that it was only 20 minutes away from my hometown or it was way out of my price range - I knew if I wanted the best college experience ever, Bentley was the answer. Unfortunately, after my acceptance my parents hit me with the cold hard truth - I really couldn't afford to go to school here. I refused to take no for an answer, Bentley was my dream, I didn't even have a Plan B. I spoke to everyone who would possibly listen at the University and finally the VP of Enrollment, Ms. McKenna, heard my story and she was able to help me. Now I'm going into my junior year, getting ready to spend a Semester at Sea (for my abroad option), I was an RA and an ambassador - so I can tell everyone how great Bentley is, and I already have an job lined up for the rest of my time at Bentley. I'm so grateful for everything Bentley has done for me and will continue to do for me!


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