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My Bentley Story by Kristine Anderson

In the fall of 1989, I started taking classes at the New England Banking Institute/New England College of Business and Finance in the evenings to pursue my Associates Degree in Business Administration in Banking Studies. In June 1994, I graduated and received my degree. During that time Jane Ellis, who was the Bentley College Assistant Dean of Academic Services, helped to establish a partnership with this college for students to further their degrees in conjunction with Bentley College/Bentley University. In January 1991, I was accepted into the Bachelors of Science program working towards a degree in Finance with a concentration in Banking. I pursued this degree through additional evening classes along with intensive, week-long courses during my vacations while working full time at the bank. In October 1998, I graduated and received my BS degree. In 2012, I was laid off from the bank due to cost cutting measures and sought out Bentley Alumni Career Services. The service they provide includes assistance with writing resumes; working to maximize the benefits of the social networking site LinkedIn; supporting networking events; and the Fast Track Job Search group. An additional benefit is the support of Bentley alumni, who are always willing to assist the job seeker in finding the right role. The support provided by the Alumni Career Services enabled me to land a new position in a reasonable timeframe. The program and the support by the Alumni Career Services people are instrumental to graduates of any Bentley program in finding a new role at any age.


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