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My Bentley Story by Marvin Lainer

As a Marine veteran who served most of the days at WWII, and now married to Jennie, my sweetheart since age 16, and now with a young child, I decided that being a clothes presser would not be my future or my family’s future. I went back to high school to graduate; I went to Bunker Junior College to graduate; and now what? I heard of a CPA who graduated from Bentley School of Accounting and Finance in two years. So, off I went with my limited credentials. They accepted me. Thus began two very important years of my life. I must start with Professor Haskins, an accounting teacher without peer; a true gentleman; and a dresser of such impeccable taste that I had copied the band on his suit jacket sleeve in some suits I had made in later years. Then came Rae Anderson who loved some of my answers on questions, as his quick wit turned my answers and questions into hilarious responses that all in the class loved, except maybe somewhat less by me. I loved this man. I met him several times in later years. As for Harry C. Bentley, when classes were in session, and when he decided to visit our classrooms, you could hear him running the metal stairs, and we knew who it was. We walked the stairs. He ran them. After graduation, I was lucky enough to land a job at Baker + Baker CPAs in Worcester. Solomon Baker was the big boss. Years later I helped Tom Morison make a connection with Mr. Baker, and that led to a big donation toward the new library in Waltham first called the Baker Vanguard Library. I took Maurice Lindsey’s CPA review class, and I easily passed the CPA exam. I received my license in 1953 – and I also received a pay raise. At Baker + Baker I became friendly with Richard Meager, a day ’49 graduate. We ended up partners in our own firm in 1962. Tom Morrison approached us about heading an alumni organization in Worcester. So, Dick became president of Worcester Alumni in one year and I the following year. Bentley is large in my heart and soul to my last breath – and I still maintain my Massachusetts license. My biggest regret is that I did not get my college degree, though I was successful as leader of a 15 person CPA firm in Worcester. Finally, I compliment Bentley University and its leaders and alumnae/i. This university turns out young students who can hold their heads high as United States citizens and leaders without a slanted view of what living in this country is all about.


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