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My Bentley Story by Perry St. Louis

I attended Bentley College from 1980-1983. I worked as an audio-visual guy pushing around overhead projectors and television sets to the Classroom Building and Lindsay Hall for use during class presentations - this was my "work-study" job. I lived in Brook Hall most of the time I was there. I was a gay man at Bentley at a time when there were no gay-straight alliances, no GLBTQ rights, etc. There was a small group of us who found each other and we had a great time - but occasionally were met with unkindness. I was involved in Alpha Psi Omega - the drama fraternity on campus and launched the first musicals at Bentley - I played Pippin in the first musical Bentley ever produced. It was a great production and a wonderful experience (even if I wasn't particularly a highlight). I remember my Bentley days fondly, and am in touch with many of the friends I made while attending school.


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