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My Bentley Story by Robert Caron

I have been associated with Bentley since 1970. My affiliation includes being an employee, student, alumnus (double falcon) and donor. I have to echo what many have said about the (roughly) second fifty-year period of Bentley's existence: that Gregory Adamian was Bentley's second founder. All my friendships with members of the Bentley community were special, rewarding and memorable; but none as much as with Greg. Let me mention two that really stand out. It was fall of 1972 and Greg’s ambitious construction plan was able to produce a clocktower for the top of the library. He and the rest of the Bentley community were so proud; there was actually an installation ceremony. The clocktower was sitting on the south lawn of the library with a large crane next to it. We all gathered as Greg gave a speech marking this milestone and the crane hoisted the clocktower atop the library as everyone cheered and applauded. It was clearly one of Greg’s proudest moments as he said “Now I consider the construction of the upper campus complete, and we can concentrate on the rest of the property.” We all shared in his pride, and the rest, as they say, is history. The other standout memory is about commencement. The May commencement was always the highlight of the year. At every commencement Greg spoke to the graduating class. He usually opened with “Welcome to the fellowship of educated men and women.” But invariably in his charge to the graduates, he would always talk about the value of higher education and the multitude of colleges and universities in the greater Boston area. As he mentioned a few by name, he always managed to mention Boston College, and quickly followed up with “…or as we refer to it around here, the other B.C.” Shortly after Bentley achieved university status and name, I was speaking with Greg at an alumni function. He got the greatest chuckle out of it when I said “You know, Greg, now you’ll have to find a way to work ‘Boston University’ into your commencement charge!”


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