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My Bentley Story by Steven Dufresne

Back in February of 1984, I had no idea that Bentley even existed. I was set on going to my in-state "B" business school in Rhode Island, the "Other B" school not named Babson (Bryant). My friend came up to my high school locker all excited about this great business school near Boston and that I had to go visit it. Begrudgingly I decided it was probably good to at least check it out. As I have seen in many of the stories here ... it was love at first site. The campus, curriculum, people and proximity to Boston sold me instantly. That view of the Boston skyline from the observatory is what closed the deal. Once at Bentley, this somewhat shy kid dove into all that Bentley had to offer and spent three years as an RA, memberships in many on-campus clubs, manager of the "Backstage" club in the basement of Spruce Hall, Senior Class Cabinet Member and, most proudly, was inducted into the Falcon Society in 1988. I loved Bentley so much that I came back a couple of years after graduation and grabbed my MBA as well. In 1984 it wasn't a matter of me choosing Bentley, but Bentley choosing me. Once hooked, I was all in. I am so thankful that I happened to talk to my friend that day in '84. To this day, it was the best decision (besides proposing to my wife! :) ) that I have ever made. Congrats on 100 years! Here's to the next 100.


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