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#Bentley100 Stories

Centennial Celebration


How do you capture 100 years of Bentley history? It’s a story best told by those who lived it.

Take a moment to read some of the stories submitted by Bentley community members from around the globe. And be sure to add your Bentley story (i.e., a personal reflection, memory, experience, etc.) to the collection. Don’t forget to attach an image or link to a video, as well.

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Melanie Otero
Alumnus/a, Boca Raton, Florida

My favorite time at Bentley is right now. Reconnecting through the Alumni Association and meeting today’s students reminds me how much influence my college experience had in making me the professional—and person—I am today.

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Ovide Flannery
Alumnus/a, South Hadley, MA
During '55-'56 and '56-'57 many students with vehicles parked in the train yard because The Prudential Building did not exist. Read more
Ovide Flannery
Alumnus/a, South Hadley, Mass.


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Allie Downs
Student, Hamburg, New York

During my first week, I knew I wanted to be a Resident Assistant. My freshman year RA Olivia is one of the kindest, most welcoming people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

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Werner Krings
Alumnus/a, Munich, Germany

I enjoyed studying for my Master of Science Degree at Bentley College/McCallum Graduate School. Before I started the program, I had the impression I would finish very well.

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Bruce Cunningham
Alumnus/a, Lincoln, New Hampshire

The Cunningham family's story about Bentley begins with my father, Edward Cunningham, now deceased. He attended Bentley on Boylston St. after getting out of the navy.

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Kenneth Fisher
Alumnus/a, Vero Beach, Florida

In 1995, at age 46 and 24 years removed from receiving my degree as an English major, my employer wanted me to transfer from a successful position in field operations to assume responsibilities in budget and financial analysis.

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Kent Hayes
Alumnus/a, Sarasota, Florida

Bentley changed my life.

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Kent Hayes
Alumnus/a, Sarasota, Fla.
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Terry Rice
Alumnus/a, Medford, Massachusetts

The most important thing Bentley did for me was allow me to meet people with ideas. People like Julius Babbitt, Fernando Botelho, Dan Bigos, and Carolyn Nuhn. They let me open my mind and develop into the person I am today.

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John Ioakimidis
Alumnus/a, Arlington, Massachusetts

My parents emigrated from Greece to build a better life. I feel very fortunate to be one of the first in my family to graduate college. Bentley gave me the tools and knowledge to be successful in life, and I have always been grateful for that.

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Susan Glover
Staff, Hanover, Massachusetts

Working at Bentley for 15 years in Human Resources and helping to make it a friendly, caring place to work with excellent benefits and policies that make employees feel valued is something I am really proud of.

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I come from Revere, Massachusetts, about 20 miles away from Bentley, but it might as well have been a world apart growing up. Coming from a blue collar upbringing, I was the first in my family, and one of very few in my childhood neighborhood, to graduate college.
-Paul Coccovillo '02
Sacramento, California
Brian Bjurling
Alumnus/a, Leominster, Massachusetts

1993 was the best year. After 15 years of night school and hard work I graduated with a B.S. in accounting. I had my own tax and accounting business for 41 years, and worked with other businesses.

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Molly Gross
Student, Goffstown, New Hampshire

Looking back on my three years so far at Bentley, I reminisce about each milestone that's gotten me to where I am today.

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Christopher Cimino
Alumnus/a, Falmouth, Maine

Bentley offered me a window onto the world I had never had exposure to; classmates from throughout the world, a world class academic environment and the proximity to Boston and all that it has to offer.

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Joseph Di Franco
Alumnus/a, Waltham, Massachusetts

I attended Bentley the first year the campus opened in 1968. I had just finished four years in USAF, thus I was on the GI Bill which allowed me to obtain an excellent education in accounting.

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Toby Mead
Alumnus/a, Boxford, Massachusetts

Bentley was too expensive for me initially, so I attended UMass Amherst for a year and transferred in for my sophomore year. I earned 9 varsity letters while at Bentley, 3 each in field hockey, basketball and softball.

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Karen Read
Faculty, Boston, Massachusetts

I first stepped foot on Bentley's campus the year I was born, 1980. My dad had just been hired the year before in the Accountancy dept.

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Jhon Lopez
Alumnus/a, Bogota, Colombia

The first time I heard of a business university was during my last year of Colleague in Colombia in 2006. I was a teacher assistant of a Bentley Falcon and he always described how Bentley had changed his life.

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The excitement of Bentley’s sporting events, seen through my childhood eyes, sparked an interest in me for many years and ultimately lead me to the best four years of my life.
-Taylor Skelton '13
Sudbury, Massachusetts
Ben Hayes
Student, Dublin, Ireland

Hello Bentley Ireland Calling!!! As a mature evening student, Bentley with the help of Jane Ellis found me a path to achieve a dream I never thought would happen.

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Paul Grassia
Alumnus/a, Billerica, Massachusetts

I've had many careers, and with each one my Bentley education assured my success. paul grassia-class of 1969

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Douglas Walker
Alumnus/a, Fairfax, Virginia

Ray Anderson, founding dean & my tax professor invited me to do a physical inventory. I just passed the CPA exam the 1st time as a senior and was hired by PwC. 

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