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#Bentley100 Stories

Centennial Celebration


How do you capture 100 years of Bentley history? It’s a story best told by those who lived it.

Take a moment to read some of the stories submitted by Bentley community members from around the globe. And be sure to add your Bentley story (i.e., a personal reflection, memory, experience, etc.) to the collection. Don’t forget to attach an image or link to a video, as well.

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Michael Lynch
Staff, Reading, Massachusetts
In many ways, the day I officially became a member of the Bentley community was a seminal moment in my life. It was January 20, 2010 - exactly six years ago today. Read more
Amy Tamburino
Staff, Waltham, Massachusetts
I think the greatest story of Bentley is the story of community. When I joined the staff in 2007, I realized very quickly that the community of faculty and staff was strong and very connected. Read more
Gustavo Yepez
Student, Sao Paulo, Brazil
My best Bentley story began on the day I arrived at Bentley in 2007. Such is the story of Richard Adjei, Jose Francisco, Patrick Hegerich, Sahardeed Isa, Peter Jurik, Xin Ouyang, Angad Sawhney and myself. Read more
Alex Grieve
Alumnus/a, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I have so many fond memories during my four years at Bentley that it is almost impossible to choose just one. Luckily enough I was able to attend the school through the Division 1 hockey program. Read more
Krassi Popov
Alumnus/a, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
I came to Bentley University in the Fall of 2011 determined that I would stay there for 2-3 semesters before transferring to Harvard or NYU. It only took a few weeks for me to completely change my mindset about Bentley. Read more
Bharat Manot
Alumnus/a, Boston, Massachusetts
The two years which I spent at Bentley was a memorable experience to say the least. The great faculty, extensive library and top-notch learning facilities are what stands out to me when I look back. Congratulations to Bentley for this great feat! Read more
Eric Berman
Alumnus/a, Brookline, Massachusetts
My Bentley story begins with my wife's grandfather, who graduated from Bentley in 1923 around the same time he graduated law school. He passed the bar and the CPA the same week! Read more
Steven Elliott
Student, Katy, Texas
Though I wasn't able to attain my dream of attending Bentley as an undergraduate like my father and uncle, I was thrilled to attend the MST program where I graduated in 1992! I later became an adjunct professor!! Read more
Doris Kelly
Faculty, Sudbury, Massachusetts
It's a family affair! My husband graduated in 1983 and I graduated in 1985. Our son graduated in 2014 and our daughter will graduate in 2016. Also, I returned to Bentley in 2011 as faculty and I now teach accounting. Read more
Michael Krenesky
Alumnus/a, Beacon Falls, Connecticut
When my wife and I were married in 1975, I started my search for a college. In 1977 after attending another local university in Boston in their evening division, I decided that going back to school full-time days was the correct choice. Read more
Carol Shachat
Alumnus/a, Mansfield, Massachusetts
So my story isn't so much about academics but about driving off a ledge! My years at Bentley are ones that prepared me very well for success in my career and provided me with wonderful memories with some of my best of friends in life . Read more
William Andrew Malis
Alumnus/a, Indian Wells, California
I applied to Bentley School of Accounting and Finance 921 Bolyston Street in 1959 but was unable to pass the entrance exam. Thanks to Rae D. Anderson, to whom I will be forever indebted, I was accepted on a provisional basis. The tuition was $500. Read more
Greg Maynard
Alumnus/a, Wilmington, Massachusetts
This might be difficult if there is a limit on the character count as it is difficult to sum up the emotions and feelings one experiences when connected to something incredible like Bentley. College selection was simple for me. Read more
Colette Bonaparte Killian
Alumnus/a, Hillsdale, New Jersey
I attended a junior college out of high school and received my associate's in accountancy. My accounting professor highly recommended that I continue on for my BS, and I should apply to Bentley. Read more
Kathy Flaherty
Alumnus/a, Bridgewater, Massachusetts
I had a terrific experience while attending Bentley for my MBA. I met and worked with some fabulous faculty, staff and students who truly cared about each and every student and their success. Happy Birthday Bentley! Read more
Robert Hodgkins
Student, Melrose, Massachusetts
My story is one of perseverance. I dropped of Medford High School in 1971. I was lost and didn't have the parental support system to guide me through to a better decision. And no, I don't blame them. Read more
James Oates
Alumnus/a, Londonderry, New Hampshire
I was 17 and applying for a job in the Sears Accounting Department (office boy) and the interviewer said to me, "Are you going to go to Bentley in the fall?" Read more
Andrew Johnston
Alumnus/a, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
My dad grew up on Trapelo Road, only a stone's throw from campus. I remember seeing the school when we would take the occasional detour through Waltham to go past his old house. Read more
Fernando Linhares
Alumnus/a, Brazil
I went to the second called IAMBA at Bentley University that was a College by that time. I was in class with my fellow classmates and Professor Antony Buono when 9/11 was happening outside. The class was interrupted and we all went home. Read more
Stephen Smith
Alumnus/a, Honduras
It was 1965 and Bentley had just started intercollegiate sports with a men's basketball team. The administration decided the school needed a mascot and decided it best to let the students decide by vote. Read more
David Souza
Alumnus/a, East Sandwich, Massachusetts
During my senior year at Bentley, I attended an interviewing workshop on campus. It covered the basics of punctuality, appropriate dress, eye contact etc. but one tip in particular set me on the path of a very rewarding career. Read more
Lauren Valerio
Alumnus/a, Framingham, Massachusetts
Prior to entering college, people would always tell me that your college friends will end up being your family. At Bentley, those words were (and still are) so incredibly true. Almost 8 years ago, I met five of the best people you could ever meet. Read more
Edward Secher
Alumnus/a, Onset, Massachusetts
I was a commuter to Boston for two years and graduated two years later (1970) after the opening of the Waltham campus. Read more
Noor Al-Qatami
Alumnus/a, Kuwait
I Enrolled at Bentley in fall of 2005, a few years later I earned my degree and went on with the knowledge and tools I gained at Bentley to build a company that competes with international hypermarkets and owns several subsidiaries (restaurants, cafe Read more