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#Bentley100 Stories

Centennial Celebration


How do you capture 100 years of Bentley history? It’s a story best told by those who lived it.

Take a moment to read some of the stories submitted by Bentley community members from around the globe. And be sure to add your Bentley story (i.e., a personal reflection, memory, experience, etc.) to the collection. Don’t forget to attach an image or link to a video, as well.

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Lisa Doody
Alumnus/a, Mansfield, Massachusetts
I, Lisa Saraf Doody, attended my 25th Bentley Reunion with Susan Pink Maini, Marie Mozzer Gagliard and Sharyn McElroy Reilly. We were all roommates at Bentley and are still best friends today. Read more
Adele Annesi
Student, Ridgefield, Connecticut
Bentley wasn’t an easy experience for an undergrad transfer student, but it was a real one and preparatory. Student life began in earnest for me with a pivotal change in majors from accounting to communications. Read more
Karolyn Earley
Parent, Howell, New Jersey
My daughter will be a graduate of the 2020 Bentley class. We recently just committed to Bentley. Articles like this makes this decision even more of a success! Read more
Armen Chakmakjian
Alumnus/a, Arlington, Massachusetts
I had a relatively successful career as an engineer and manager and was at a point in my career where I had several options. I had flirted with going back to school but it seemed like something I’d do when the time was right. Read more
Katelyn Goodwin
Alumnus/a, Madison, Wisconsin
Bentley has become more than just a university to the Goodwin family; now it's an institution and a link that keeps us together. My younger brother and I have very few similarities. He's blond-haired, blue-eyed, reserved, and athletic. Read more
Kayla Perkins
Alumnus/a, New York, New York
I was committed to another school when I toured Bentley's campus in 2011. I felt at home from the first look, admittedly nervous to leave home, but I had no idea then the family I would create over the next four years. Read more
Jennifer Wright
Student, Waltham, Massachusetts
I came to Bentley for the English department. It sounds strange, but I was debating between several business schools, and one of the things that helped me make my ultimate decision was the emphasis Bentley puts on liberal arts. Read more
Mark Semanie
Alumnus/a, Bel Air, Maryland
In the fall of 1980 I was a 17 year old high school senior in Enfield, CT and I was facing the big decision of where to go to college and what to do with my life. Read more
Gloria Larson
Staff, Waltham, Massachusetts

I’m not anyone’s version of a traditional college president. But in 2007, I jumped at the incredible opportunity to become Bentley University’s 7th President, and the first woman to lead the institution.

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Francis McKittrick
Alumnus/a, Allentown, New Jersey
A memory that jumps out at me, while a member of the class of 1959, was the dedication of faculty to their students. Read more
When my colleagues were struggling, I could step up and help them grow and develop, because I had helped others before.
-PJ Neal '02
Cambridge, MA
PJ Neal
Alumnus/a, Cambridge, Massachusetts
It’s Saturday morning at 8 a.m. Most students are sleeping off their Friday night, and a handful of others are just getting home. I walk into a quiet, empty Smith Center and find my way to one of the large windowless classrooms. Read more
Onic Palandjian
Alumnus/a, Athens, Greece
I came to Bentley in 1989. The cool thing about this is that I had not traveled to the United States before my visit to Waltham. In fact I had never been to an English-speaking country before my arrival to Bentley. Read more
Ryan Gilpin
Student, Burlington, Massachusetts
As a local resident, living fifteen minutes from campus, being at Bentley was like a home away from home for me. I've had such a phenomenal experience here that I'm glad I ended up staying so close. Read more
Vicki Vassalotti Semanie
Alumnus/a, Bel Air, Maryland
The class of 1986 was the first class in which the percentage of women to the total class was greater than 50%. Read more
Jim Burnham
Alumnus/a, New York, New York

On a cold gray day in late fall 1971, when the Waltham campus had been in existence for about three years with trees no thicker than your thumb, and Gregory H.

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Shamus McBride
Alumnus/a, Andover, Massachusetts

Shortly after graduation, I married my Bentley College sweetheart. We both returned to Bentley for our graduate studies. Now, here I am today: three beautiful children, a loving wife, four Bentley degrees between us and a career I love.

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George Fantini
Alumnus/a, Boston, Massachusetts

It was in June 1960 – over fifty years ago - when my Bentley Journey began. That was when I passed the admission exam to gain entrance into what was known then as the Bentley School of Accounting and Finance, a two-year business school.

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Bill Mortimer
Alumnus/a, San Diego, California

My Bentley story is an ongoing one. I entered Bentley College in 1999 as an 18-year-old kid, unsure of exactly who I was, but with an idea of who I wanted to be.

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Corey Coder
Alumnus/a, Manhattan Beach, California

My typical or not so typical weekend at Bentley: The typical part was hanging with friends in our on-campus apartment on Friday night after playing basketball in the Dana Center.

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Michelle Sullivan
Alumnus/a, Weymouth, Massachusetts

To me, Bentley is a second home. I could not be more grateful for my undergraduate experience, as well as all of the doors that Bentley opened for my career.  Throughout my four years, I made life-long friendships and lasting memories.

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Val Fox
Staff, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Traveling reminds me how expansive – and small – the world is, especially when I mention my Bentley connection. Recently, I was in Miami and met Tal Ivcher, an ’01 graduate who opened a boutique in the Wynwood design district called Boho Hunter.

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Michael Simoneau
Alumnus/a, Wheaton, Illinois

As a kid from the Midwest stepping foot on campus in the fall of 2009, I could have never imagined what the next four years of my life would encapsulate. I would be given the opportunity to explore not only Boston, but the world.

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Aaron Nurick
Faculty, Boston, Massachusetts

Bentley College was totally unknown to me during my job search in 1979. I had graduated with a Ph.D.

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