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#Bentley100 Stories

Centennial Celebration


How do you capture 100 years of Bentley history? It’s a story best told by those who lived it.

Take a moment to read some of the stories submitted by Bentley community members from around the globe. And be sure to add your Bentley story (i.e., a personal reflection, memory, experience, etc.) to the collection. Don’t forget to attach an image or link to a video, as well.

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Courtney Finn
Alumnus/a, Winthrop, Massachusetts

March 28, 2014 is a day that I will never forget. Winning a National Basketball Championship was one of the greatest moments I experienced at Bentley University.

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Gary Kelly
Staff, Winchester, Massachusetts

35 Commencements at Bentley make for a large number of stories!

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Meredith Gorski
Student, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Since my sophomore year at Bentley, two of my best girlfriends and I would get lunch together every Wednesday in LaCava after class and work.

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Typical Sunday included setting up for a 3,500 person show with none other than Bob Dylan himself.
-Cory Coder '99
Manhattan Beach, California
Courtney Hough
Staff, Millis, Massachusetts

I started working at Bentley in March 2015. I wasn’t fully aware I had a Bentley story to share until a couple of weeks ago. At a family event, my uncle mentioned that he thought my grandfather attended Bentley ‘back in the day’.

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Catherine Gianino
Student, Burlington, Massachusetts

Going to Red Sox games has always been part of my family life. When the season begins in the spring, and no matter the outcome, those nights have always been some of my favorite ones.

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