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My Bentley Story by Thomas Hughes

I was looking for a business school in the Boston area, having fallen in love with my Dad's birth town (Marblehead). After some due diligence and a campus visit, it became clear Bentley College (I'm still getting use to calling it University) was a great fit. From living with my best friend in the Tree Dorms to developing lifelong fraternity and resident assistant friendships, Bentley was big enough to meet new people while small enough to bump into someone you were just thinking about. We graduated on the school's 75th Anniversary; 25 years goes by so quickly. In the beginning of 1992, my mother was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Her surgery was initially scheduled for early May, but she delayed it for a couple weeks, so she could "see her son graduate college." She passed away a month later. Most of my last pictures of her are from graduation weekend. The school continues to receive the well-deserved accolades for its education, but to me ... Bentley University is a family filled with my closest friends and some distant relatives!


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