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The Bentley University Strategic Plan

I am pleased to introduce the next chapter of the Bentley University’s Strategic Plan, Achieving the Business University 2013-2017. This represents the culmination of our community’s aspiration to have an ambitious, achievable strategy — a strategy that is right for Bentley and right for the times! I am excited about and wholeheartedly endorse the path we are taking to realize our highest aspirations for 2017.

Bentley is on its way to becoming the leading business university — more vigorous, more accomplished, and more relevant to the world of business and education than ever before. To fully realize our potential, we will leverage our singular attributes and be market-informed in defining what an exceptional business education should be now and in the future. We will continue providing the well-rounded, highly personal educational experience that only a place-based, face-to-face environment can deliver, while enhancing this experience with innovative, technology-enabled platforms.

The concern being expressed by the public about college graduates’ perceived lack of preparation for the world of work represents a significant challenge for all of higher education. I see it as a tremendous opportunity for us, and one we can capitalize on in distinctive Bentley fashion over the next five years. The business world needs our graduates — smart, nimble, compassionate men and women who are prepared to get things done from day one and to continue their growth to become highly effective, ethical and socially responsible leaders.

Two foundational investments are crucial for us to achieve our vision and meet our goals:

Our faculty of outstanding teacher-scholars, who balance great teaching in the classroom with relevant, high-impact research. Continued investment in our teacher-scholar model of education will attract more top-tier students and faculty, help identify market changes, engage more academic, corporate and external partners, and grow Bentley’s domestic and international reputation.

Our physical, technological and human environment, which is designed to meet the dynamic, changing learning environment that characterizes higher education today. Constantly updating and improving these environments will support and enhance student life and diversity at Bentley. Taken together, investments in these targeted areas will ensure that we grow in stature as a well-regarded, market-informed business university — a university that produces highly respected research and ideas and graduates greatly in demand. They are core in enabling us to build a more differentiated, sustainable position for Bentley — and a brand that will be recognized for preparing the next generation of smart, nimble, compassionate leaders. This is just the right value proposition needed to meet the evolving demands of the marketplace.

In the pages that follow you will find an overview of the values and mission that we all endorse, as well as Bentley’s vision and goals for education, student life, research, resources, and our brand. Each goal has a set of objectives that will guide how we prioritize, what desired outcomes we will pursue, and what metrics we will apply to measure our success.

We made bold statements that required bold moves during my first five years of tenure here at Bentley. We do so again in this the next chapter of our Strategic Plan, Achieving the Business University. Moving forward boldly in the manner outlined here will culminate in our milestone centennial celebration in 2017. I very much look forward to enlisting the entire Bentley community as our journey continues!

With warm regards,

Gloria Cordes Larson 
President, Bentley University