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Award for Excellence in Scholarship Winners


Mary J. Culnan, Slade Professor of Management and Information Technology


Juliet Gainsborough, Assistant Professor of Global Studies


Jean Bedard, Professor Timothy B. Harbert Chair of Accountancy


Christine B. Williams, Professor of International Studies

Professor Williams is a national pioneer in ‘e-government,’ for her resume lists 57 monographs and publications in this field.  Bentley has received favorable publicity from both her academic and practioner efforts as these have led to significant media coverage from outlets ranging from Time Magazine to the Bentley Observer.  Her work ranges from the theoretical to the applied and covers multiple disciplines.  Supported by multiple grants, her work is frequently quoted and has helped lay the foundation for political inquiry and action in this electronic age. 


Rajendra S. Sisodia, Professor of Marketing

Professor Sisodia is one of the most prolific authors at Bentley; his scholarship is impressive in both quality and quantity. He has published three notable books since January, 2006: Tectonic Shift:  The Geoeconomic Realignment of Globalizing MarketsFirms of Endearment and Does Marketing Need Reform? And a previous book of his, The Rule of Three (2004) was a finalist for the American Marketing Association’s Book of the Year Award. Coupled with his six new journal articles and 12 presentations, he brings the college a great deal of visibility and recognition.  His work has been featured in both the national and international press, and collectively, his research takes an important and critical look at the philosophy and practice of marketing.  He identifies and proposes new principles and reforms for effective marketing. The breadth and depth of his strategic thinking is inspiring.


James E. Hunton, Accountancy, Darald and Juliet Libby Professor of Accounting

Professor Hunton has reached the highest level of scholarly achievement in three separate fields: accounting, information systems, and psychology. His research has been published in the very top journals in all of these fields, including The Accounting Review, The Journal of Accounting Research, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, MIS Quarterly, and Management Sciences. His work has been cited widely and recognized with multiple national and international awards. He has also served the scholarly community in important editorial roles. It is remarkable that, in addition to the highest quality theoretical work, he has also been able to publish numerous articles in professional accounting journals reaching large audiences and having a strong impact in the practice of accounting. Three co-authored books complete his outstanding scholarly portfolio.


M. Lynne Markus, John W. Poduska, Sr. Professor of Information Management

Professor M. Lynne Markus is one of the best known researchers globally in the field of Information Systems and truly a world-class scholar. The breadth, depth,  innovativeness, and impeccable quality of her scholarly work are very impressive. In several occasions, her research has broken new ground and guided the Information Systems field to explore new issues and analyze known problems from new perspectives. Her research continues to influence virtually every scholar in her own field and many in other areas of study; her best-known article “Power, Politics, and MIS Implementation” alone has been cited for more than 300 times and reprinted in three books, and the total number of citations to her work approximates 1,300. In addition to providing strong thought leadership within the academic community through her numerous articles, books, and conference papers, she has successfully guided business leaders in effective use of information and information technology solutions.


John D. Leeth, Professor of Economics

Professor John Leeth’s research has focused on four important areas of study in the field of Economics: the economics of workplace safety, public policy, finance, and accounting labor markets. His accomplishments include a highly praised book on workplace safety policy, numerous articles in prestigious academic journals, high-level technical reports for both government and private organizations, and a number of invited conference presentations. His work has been and continues to be highly influential; it has been cited more than 200 times in both academic publications and the business press. Leeth is a distinguished scholar who has demonstrated continued excellence in research throughout his career at Bentley College.