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For students, faculty, friends and particularly honors alumni, we encourage you to stay connected on what is happening with the program and its students. Check out the semi-annual newsletter Columnas for interesting feature stories on people and events of the Honors Program. 

For alumni who want to get more involved in Honors Program activities, such as the Honors Conference, networking events, internship offerings, campus visits or find out more information about the Bentley Honors Alumni chapter, contact the Center for Alumni, Parents and Friends, or the director of the Honors Program. By supporting the Honors Program, you are helping to support student research, enhance learning opportunities, encourage greater community service and cultural awareness, and facilitate greater intellectual curiosity among Bentley’s best and brightest students. Supporting the Honors Program is a vital part of attracting top students to Bentley and enhancing Bentley’s growing reputation as one of the leading business schools in the country.


For more information on how you can provide support to the Honors Program, contact the Center for Alumni, Parents and Friends, or the director of the Honors Program.

If you are interested in providing support now, please go to Bentley’s Giving Page and, when choosing where to donate, please type “Honors Program” in the “Other” field at the bottom of the page next to the donation amount.

Thank you for your interest in engaging students and encouraging academic excellence!

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For more information about the Honors Program at Bentley, please contact:

Honors Program office (for general information and inquiries)
247 Adamian Academic Center (inside the Valente Center)



Aaron L. Jackson
Director, Honors Program
Professor, Economics
241 Adamian Academic Center




Jeff Gulati
Associate Director, Honors Program
Associate Professor, Global Studies
275 Morison Hall



Adrienne Kaplan
Administrative Assistant
247 Adamian Academic Center



Leslie Doolittle
Assistant Dean, Director of Academic Support Services
Office of Academic Services
21D Lindsay Hall



Mailing Address:
Bentley University
Honors Program
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA 02452