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English and Media Studies Minor

A minor in English and Media Studies gives you the opportunity to develop expertise in an area of study outside your business major, and is a perfect complement to a business education. The English and Media Studies minor increases your sensitivity to language and culture, enhances your ability to communicate effectively, and develops your analytical abilities. You may concentrate your minor in:

  • Literature and Cinema Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • Communication
  • Media and Culture

Marketing majors often minor in English and Media Studies to prepare for careers in public relations, while students majoring in Management may choose the English and Media Studies minor to polish communication and public speaking skills.


For information on declaring a minor in English and Media Studies, contact:

Prof. Ken Stuckey
Adamian Academic Center 099

Gender Studies Minor

The Gender Studies minor allows you to more fully develop an understanding of the way gender informs the personal and professional aspects of your life. Fulfilling a Gender Studies minor communicates to prospective employees that you have taken initiative to expand upon your academic and professional knowledge of social and political issues. The Gender Studies minor not only complements your academic profile, but it also enhances your intellectual contributions to the professional sphere.

To declare a minor in Gender Studies:

  1. Obtain a minors form from the Office of Academic Services or from the director of gender studies.
  2. Fill out the form after completing no more than two Gender Studies courses. The director of gender studies must sign the completed form.


For information on declaring a minor in Gender Studies, contact:

Prof. Traci Abbott
Adamian Academic Center 088