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Finance Seminars

Finance Research Seminars are on Fridays from 11:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m, Please note the exception is on April 27 where the location and time are different. 2:10pm-3:25pm

Spring 2015 Schedule 


February 6, Speaker -  - Jayant Kale, Northeastern University - Morison Board Room 300 - Speaker will present the paper entitled: Effects of Large Customers on Firm Value: The Case of Earnings Surprises. 

February 13, Speaker -David Dennis, University of Pittsburg - AAC 254 - Speaker will present the paper entitled: Board Structure following spinoff


February 27, Speaker - Thomas Chemmanur, BC - AAC 363 -Speaker will present the paper entitled: Top Management Human Capital, Inventor Mobility, and Corporate Innovation.


March 27, Speaker - Chenguang Shang, Bentley University - AAC 362-  Speaker will present paper entitled:  “Social Capital and Corporate Innovation”


April 27,  Kershen Huang, Bentley University - AAC 362  - Speaker will present the paper entitlted: TBD Cancelled