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Modern Languages Minor

A Modern Languages minor emphasizes personal communication skills and helps you understand basic cultural differences between people from other countries.

To minor in a modern language, you must:

  • Complete a minimum of four courses in one language
  • Meet with a faculty adviser to plan the courses that will constitute the minor
  • Obtain the faculty adviser’s written approval before taking those courses

Residence for a year, a semester or a summer in a country where the language being studied is spoken, including a family home-stay arrangement, is strongly recommended.

Course Requirements

Course requirements vary according to a student’s chosen major and initial level of proficiency. For non-native speakers:

  1. Minimum requirement for BS students: Intermediate I and II and at least two additional courses at or above the Intermediate level.
  2. Minimum requirement for BA students: Intermediate II and at least three additional courses at or above the Intermediate level for Spanish, French, and Italian.

For students with previous training beyond the Intermediate level and who are native speakers:  Four courses at an advanced level either at Bentley or at an institution abroad, after departmental approval.

For students wishing to minor in Chinese, Elementary I and II and Intermediate I and II are required.  Student completing ML 3900 the 6-credit STP to China must complete one additional course for the minor.

All students wishing to minor in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish should meet with the department chairperson, Jane Tchaicha, as early as possible in their academic career at Bentley to choose the appropriate language courses.  Please contact Professor Tchaicha at to schedule a meeting.

For students declaring a minor in general Spanish or Spanish for Business must contact Professor Christian Rubio at to schedule a meeting.