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Fusio: The Bentley Undergraduate Research Journal

Established following Bentley University’s mission of creating impactful knowledge within and across business and the arts and sciences, Fusio is a multidisciplinary undergraduate journal committed to the dissemination of original, high-quality undergraduate research. The journal is published by Bentley University’s Honors Program and edited by both students and faculty across disciplines. Fusio encourages submissions from undergraduate students, with an emphasis on articles that span both business and arts and sciences topics, as well as multidisciplinary topics. 

[Please Note: The journal is currently open only to undergraduate students at Bentley and will consider original research by students as well as student/faculty joint work. All submissions undergo a blind peer review process.]


Highlighted Articles

Doing Well and Doing Good: Performance of ESG Integration Approaches

George Iliopoulos and Otgontsetseg Erhemjamts

A growing number of investors are interested in investing in companies with higher environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance to create positive societal impact while making money at the same time. In this paper, we investigate the profitability of ESG investing... Read full articlePDF


Southwest Airlines and the Impact of Low-Cost Carriers on Airline Ticket Prices

Sidney Field 

Southwest Airlines is the indisputable leader of the Low-Cost Airline industry in the United States. A product of deregulation, the expansion of its unique business model has been responsible for the substantial real price declines in consumer airfares since the 1980s. However, recent fuel price declines have had a significant impact.. Read full article PDF