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Online Courses

Summer I

CIN 370
Hollywood Rebels: A History of American Independent Films (Hybrid)

FI 305
Principles of Accounting and Finance (Hybrid)

GB 410 R01
Strategic Management (Synchronous Remote)

GLS 100
U.S. Government and Politics 

IDCC 250 
Public Relations Theory and Practice 
(Synchronous Remote)

LA 315
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Business 
(Synchronous Remote)

LA 316
Sports and Entertainment Law 
(Synchronous Remote)

Entrepreneurial Thinking 

MK 400
Marketing Management 

NASE 313
Human Nutrition: Science to Life 

SO 132
Issues and Investigations in Sociology 
(Synchronous Remote)

Summer II

AC 470
Financial Statement Auditing (Hybrid)

CIN 375
Women and Film 

FIN 380
Advanced Managerial Finance 

GB 215
Human Behavior and Organizations (Hybrid)

HI 308
Drug Trades in World History 

MC 300
Antiheroes of American Television (Hybrid)

MG 250
Human Resources Management 
(Synchronous Remote)

MK 361

SO 242
Social Problems