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Our Board and Members

Board of Directors 2016-2017

Janine Danielson '84
Joseph G. DiLorenzo '77
Janice D. DiPietro '79
Amy Hunter, MBA '85
Stephen W. Ingram '86
David E. MacKeen Jr., MSA '99
Paul Mastrocola '90, Chair
Joseph R. Shaker '90
Leslie P. Vitale '74, MST '01

Member Spotlight: Sal Muccio '71

Q: How did it feel to be elected managing partner at LitmanGerson Associates, LLP?

A: The feeling is one of gratitude, satisfaction and professional accomplishment. It is rewarding to have an opportunity to guide the firm toward future growth and prosperity. The challenge will be to provide the vision to bring the leaders of the firm together to embrace the vision and provide the tools, teamwork and strategy to communicate the message.

Q. As managing partner, what are some of your immediate and long-term goals for the firm?

A. I would like LGA to continue to attract the best and brightest individuals to join our firm and be thought of as one of the “Best Places to Work.” One of my short-term goals is to focus on firm metrics to ensure optimal operating efficiencies through the use of technological advances that optimize our commitment to dedicated client service. Long-term, I would like the firm’s culture to engage the “team” concept and have all the players be collaborative and forward-thinking when it comes to providing dynamic client service. This will help our younger professionals grow into “trusted advisers,” much like our partners are today.  

Q. How did your Bentley education help shape your career?

A. Bentley singularly focused me on an accounting career. It was the only major available when I attended (1967-1971). For a 17-year old with a modest upbringing who was clueless about business, having a major decided for you on day one of your college career was extremely impactful. Looking back, I have grown light years from those early days attending Bentley’s Boston campus.

Q. Why did you initially decide to join the BEC? How has your experience been?

A. The BEC was brought to my attention by my partner, Janine Danielson, also a current BEC board member. The format and foundation was somewhat unique and initially it afforded me the opportunity to reconnect with my alma mater. I thoroughly enjoy each and every event and the wonderful interactions and connections I have made with all of the successful alumni. I find it truly inspiring.

Q. If you could describe the BEC in one word, what would it be and why?

A. Motivating. It gets my juices flowing regarding the university, all that is going on and all that is being planned for the future. I am very proud to be an alumnus of Bentley, and look forward to staying connected with the university and the BEC for many years to come.