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Board Nomination Guidelines

The Bentley University Alumni Association seeks membership for its Global Alumni Board annually.


The mission of the Bentley University Alumni Association is to actively engage the alumni, parents and friends of the institution in a mutually beneficial and lifelong relationship, and to promote Bentley as a premier global business university. 

Board Terms

Each term runs on the university’s fiscal calendar beginning on July 1, and ending on June 30.

What are the terms of membership?:

  • Director:  Two-year term with a maximum renewal of three consecutive terms.
  • Executive Committee:  (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer)  One-year term subject to renewal.

Time Requirements

What annual time commitment is required?

  • Attend all regularly scheduled meetings (including regular board meetings, committee meetings, annual October retreat and ad hoc meetings) and key alumni program events.

Board Meetings

The full board meets six to eight times a year via video conference.  The most important meeting of the year is the annual board retreat which takes place in October during Bentley’s Homecoming Weekend.   All board members are expected to be on campus for the annual October retreat and Bentley will cover all travel expenses for alumni who live beyond the local area.

Board meeting times will be determined by the membership.  They are held on campus for local participants and directors who live outside of the local area utilize a videoconferencing service to participate.

Committee Meetings

The board develops working committees to conduct most of the board’s business.  Current standing committees are the Regional Chapter Committee, Nominations Committee and Communications Committee.

Each director is expected to serve on at least one committee, but most should expect to serve on two.


Board orientation takes place at the annual October retreat during Bentley’s Homecoming Weekend.  All board members are expected to attend in person.

Other Member Requirements

  • Make an annual gift to the university’s Annual Fund.
  • Serve as an ambassador for the Alumni Association.

Selection Process

Nominations are accepted throughout the year for available board positions.

Self-nominations are always welcome.

Nominees are selected by the GAB Nominations Committee and approved by the full Global Alumni Board each spring.

Eligible candidates must be graduates of Bentley’s undergraduate or graduate programs.  Candidates should have previously demonstrated their commitment and engagement with the university as an alumni volunteer, donor or through event attendance.