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Alumni Spotlight

“There’s high unemployment among people with autism — about 80 to 90 percent. That’s because we as a society look at autism as a disability that requires sympathy, rather than a diversity that can be really valuable in the workplace.” Tom D'Eri '11 set out to change that when he founded Rising Tide Car Wash with the express mission of hiring workers with autism.

Back in 2003, Bill Kavanagh was a co-captain of the first-ever Bentley football team to earn a berth in the Division II national playoffs. This season, the Class of 2004 Falcon returns to roost as the squad’s head coach – the first alumnus ever to occupy the post.

How does a global company build brand loyalty? Which new product has the greatest chance of success? Where should advertising dollars be allocated, in times when potential customers may no longer be watching TV? Terri Kochersperger and her team is helping Johnson & Johnson identify the answers to these important questions.

For Museum of Fine Arts Boston CIO Tom Catalini ’90, art appreciation doesn’t necessarily begin in the exhibition halls and galleries of the storied institution where he works. It often starts even closer at hand for someone with a penchant for all things tech: on his iPad.

At the April 24 meeting of the Bentley Success Network, recruiters from the pharmaceutical, health care and sustainable/clean/green energy industries discussed their expectations when interviewing candidates.

Everybody wants to look younger and more energetic - did you know your resume can help? It's true; a succinct and well-formatted resume can make you look years younger!

Most people find interviews difficult or stressful. InterviewStream is a leading, interactive software tool that makes it easy to practice and re-practice your answers to today's most common and most difficult interview questions. And Alumni Career Services is pleased to announce that InterviewStream is now available free of charge to all of our alumni.
At the last Bentley Success Network event, Career Coach extraordinaire Judy Campbell told Bentley alumni that "if you don't ask for a raise you aren't going to get one." She went on to say that it is the employee's responsibility to build a case for what they are worth.
You know that heady feeling when you're in the groove? Work is exciting -- you have the knowledge, tools, and attitude to master your job. You look forward to new challenges and the "grunt" aspects don't bother you. For the average person, it takes 6 - 18 months in a new job to achieve this level of mastery.
Imagine that you are at your favorite restaurant. The waiter comes to take your order and you select a specific entrée, provide your cooking/garnishing preferences, and choose the side dishes. After a few minutes of pleasant table conversation, your waiter returns and hands you a plate – but it doesn't contain what you ordered. Instead, it contains the waiter's favorite menu items. How would you react?