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Success Stories: Abigayle Green '09


Degree: B.S. Economics, May 2009

Previous Position: Assistant to a government consultant Washington DC (summer job)

New position: Bid Analyst, W.B. Mason

How I Found My New Position: I noticed this job opportunity on and applied through the website. Because I was deeply interested, I went a step further and found the recruiter contact information through the company's website. I contacted the recruiter directly resubmitting my application information and restating my interest in the position. After a week of waiting I sent a follow up email and was eventually contacted for an interview. Once I was given the interview I took all of the advice I had gathered from the Bentley Success Network and applied it. I was educated on the company, enthusiastic about the position and got along very well with both the hiring and department manager. I had a second round of interviews and the next thing I knew I was offered the position.

Advice: I would say the best piece of advice I could give is to be persistent in getting an interview because without the interview you can't get the job. If you feel strongly about a position look on LinkedIn, FalconNet or on the company's website to get in contact with someone who knows the hiring manager or the recruiter directly. If you can get your information to them you have a better chance of them actually viewing your application and you will stand out. Finally, don't forget about the small things like follow up phone calls and thank-you notes, they may end up playing a part in the hiring managers final decision. I personally would submit thank-you notes with my business card enclosed directing them to my LinkedIn profile and other contact information. Be creative and use your resources, eventually your hard work will pay off!