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Success Stories: Denise Ann Shea MBA '87


Immediate Past Position: Contract position

New Position: Financial/Powerplant Analyst, National Grid

How I Found My New Position: I started going to the Bentley Success Network events when my contract position ended last September. I took notes at every event, reworked my resume, and reposted it on Monster, Careerbuilder, etc. I got a call from Beacon Hill Staffing about a position that required a very industry-specific financial/accounting software program that I hadn't listed on my original resume, but now was on the reworked resume. My initial interview was at the end of October--I remembered all of the tips that I received from attending the Success Network events, including the advice to be patient about the process. I went to my interview, aced it with the client, kept in touch with the staffing agency--and was told that I was top candidate. To make an exciting story shorter--I began work recently at National Grid as a Financial/Powerplant Analyst through Beacon Hill Staffing.

The Bentley Success Network gave me the confidence to go into the interview with the client with my "A" game. This is a great program to have for the alumni--keep up the good work.