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Be Smart: Safety Tips

Choosing OneLess isn't just about drinking less--, it's also about doing more to prevent negative consequences of drinking such as hangovers, getting sick, or blackouts.


If you choose to drink, consider the following protective behaviors

1. Have a plan: Set and limit before you go out and stick to it!

2. Stick to it: Keep  track of how much you are drinking. You can do this by:

  • Keeping can tabs or bottle caps
  • Using the "penny or bracelet" trick (where you carry the number of pennies for the number of drinks you wish to consume and move from one pocket to the other for each drink consumed)
  • Not always relying on tally marks on your arm. This is because you can easily exceed  your set limit and this also tells everyone around you how intoxicated you might be

3. Alternate between non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages

  • Alternating allows your body to metabolize the alcohol you have consumed and slows you down
  • Non-alcoholic beverages can rehydrate you
  • Holding onto a non-alcoholic drink gives you a cup to hold onto in social situations

4. Avoid mass consumption in short periods of time

  • Limit the number of shots you take (or eveb better, avoid them altogether!)
  • Stick with beer--it takes longer to consume, and fills you up more than hard liquor
  • Keep your pre-game to a minimum--buzzed occurs at BAC's around .05, for most people this translates to one-to-two drinks.
  • Choose to play drinking games with water or limit the time or amount of alcohol consumed while you play