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Choose OneLess


The "OneLess" Movement

Some people choose to drink and some people don't. Regardless of your choices, at some point, you or your friends may experience something negative as a result of drinking.

OneLess is a movement that encourages students to consider drinking OneLess drink per occasion or OneLess night per week or month in order to prevent bad things like hangovers or blackouts AND to improve GPA, overall health and save money!

Whatever your reason(s), join your peers and choose OneLess!


The OneLess Campaign is the 2014 Grand Gold Recipient for the NASPA Excellence Awards. It has been featured at the 2012 Association of Student Conduct Administrators annual conference and the 2012 New England College Health Assoication Conference. OneLess has been referenced by  Inside HigherEd , and featured by the Bentley Observer and The Vanguard