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Multicultural Center's Student Spotlight

LaMar Hardy

Class of 2017

Major: Information Design and Corporate Communications

Minors: Sports Management and Sociology


Lamar Hardy is a Bentley Student who did not follow the typical path. He came to Bentley with dreams of playing Football and achieved just that. He has received recruitment offers from multiple NFL Teams and will be looking to accept one this Spring. During the summer before his Junior year, Lamar participated in STEP (Summer Transition Education Program) as a Mentor for the incoming Freshman. He says this experience was inspiring for him because he built close relationships with his mentees and went on to win Mentor of the Year. Lamar is passionate about the idea of hospitality; being from the South, it is a large part of his life and feels that everyone should make an effort to include others and feels it is his job to “connect old and new souls”. Lamar says, “The MCC helped me meet people who I connect with, they brought my attention to opportunities and resources I didn’t know were available, and opened a level of dependency I didn’t know I had. Freshman year was difficult academically because I was handling academic and social adversities on my own, but Sophomore year the MCC reached out to me, noticed my potential, and offered me blossoming opportunities, not only for myself but also opportunities to leave an impact on the school.”

Final thoughts...

“There’s such thing as perfection, it’s called being the best you, you can be”


Charbel Hanna

Class of 2018

Major: Managerial Economics- Accounting Concentration 

Minor: Sports Management


Charbel Hanna came in as a transfer student, Sophomore year. As a transfer he did not already have friend groups and know what people to connect with, however through ALANA Experience and the MultiCultural Center he received guidance, inspiring him to participate in guiding students himself. He realized how large of an impact mentors could have and from there participated in every mentorship program he could. He was Mosaic Ambassador and from there went on to become a Peer 2 Peer mentor, due to a connection he made with a Freshmen during the ALANA Experience program. He is a First Year Seminar and Transfer Student Facilitator as well as works in Career Services and teaches Career Development Introduction (CDI 101). Charbel feels that mentors play such a huge role in a student’s life and strives to help students in the same way the MCC and other mentors helped him when he first got to Bentley. With the help of the MultiCultural Center, Charbel was inducted in the Falcon Society and continues to provide Mentorship and guidance to Bentley Students.

Final thoughts...

“The circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”

– Takeshi Shudo


Kymar Stewart

Class of 2019

Major: Management, Concentration in Entrepreneurship

Minors: Spanish and Law


Kymar Stewart is not only a Bentley student, but also an entrepreneur. As a Sophomore, Kymar, or Kymmie, already the CEO of her own online hair business. Kymar is also one of the co-founders of the Caribbean Ancestry Student Association at Bentley University and describes the entry stages of forming a club as similar to those of building a business. As the founder of any organization, one needs to gather support for the mission they are trying to achieve and do the necessary tasks that seem annoying, but need to happen in order for the organiztion to succeed. Kymmie is currently focused on her company and feels that is where her greatest success will come from, due to how passionate she is about hair. She says Bentley University’s resources gave her the opportunity to turn her ideas into reality and says the MultiCultural Center provided a space for her to cultivate her ideas with her friends and peers. “Freshman year we used to all hang out in MCC, there were always new topics to discuss with friends and the opportunity to learn about new cultures and people in a nice safe space. Here is where I cultivated my ideas for my business.”

Final Thoughts...

“It's important to learn how to work with others and do little tedious things that will build a club or business into something great.”


Karalynn Ojeda- Pollard

Class of 2020

Major: Undecided

Minor: Spanish for Business


Karalynn Ojeda-Pollard has always felt that creativity is essential. Throughout her high school career, she was an aspiring photographer and never knew quite how she would turn that love into a career path. She decided business was the way to go and has been working toward her future ever since. Karalynn is currently working on her own website to highlight her photography and sell merchandise. The website also serves as a blog which relates creativity to business and highlights the parts of her life which exemplify this relationship. She also started the Bentley YOU project, to highlight students and their uniqueness. Her ultimate goal is to open a business where she can hire artists and teach the value of creativity, as well as how to turn it into a practical career path.

Final thoughts...

“You have to work hard even when you don’t want to so that when you go out into the real world you will be on a good path.”