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Multicultural Center 's Students Spotlight

Shuruthe Raju


Hometown: North Andover, MA

Year: Freshman

Major: Information System Audit and Control

Minor: Undecided

Activities involved in: CAB comedy, CAB concerts, SASA, Bentley Bizraas and ALPFA

What was your favorite part about ALANA Experience? 

My favorite part was the friendships I made and personal connections with faculty and staff all over campus.

What are you looking forward to during your next few years in college?

I am most looking forward to seeing what my class will add to the Bentley legacy. 

Kirstin Salazar


Hometown: South River, NJ

Year: Sophomore

Major: Finance

Minors: French, Marketing

Activities Involved In: International Student Association, Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, ALANA Experience

How is sophomore year different from freshmen year?

Sophomore year is definitely different: bigger dorm rooms, harder and later classes, great groups of friends, etc. Now that I already know my way around campus and have incredible friends from freshman year, I’m excited to learn my way around the city of Boston and meet more people during my sophomore year.

What resources has Bentley offered to you that helped you determine your major?

I always thought Finance was considered a difficult major, but the community at Bentley showed me that I was capable of choosing this major and challenging myself. I had a great experience in GB 112/212 with Professor Doris Kelly, and discussing the Finance major with Prof Kelly as well as with my peers with the same interest/major helped me ultimately determine to study Finance.

Laura Duran


Hometown: Waltham, MA

Year: Junior

Major: Management with HR & an LSM in Global Perspectives

Minor: Accounting

Activities involved in: President of ALPFA, Treasurer of La Cultura Latina, Resident Assistant, Freshman Seminar Instructor, Admission Assistant at the Bentley Graduate School

Have you had any internship experience while at Bentley? How did you hear about it?

Yes, I have had two internships since I’ve been at Bentley. I interned at EY my freshman and sophomore year. I received the internship through my involvement with S.T.E.P and ALPFA.

What are some resources on campus you used to obtain an internship?

I was very proactive about attending events where EY would be to get a chance to talk to the recruiter. I spoke a lot with the MCC and Bentley alums working at EY. As I look for a new internship this summer I will be utilizing Career Services and ALPFA.


Kwasi Duodu


Hometown: Stratford, CT

Year: Senior

Major: Corporate Finance and Accounting

LSM: Global Perspectives

Activities involved in: President of NABA (National Association of Black Accountants), Mankind Movement Men’s Group, ASAP Mentor, Intramurals (Soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball)

How was your experience studying abroad while at Bentley?

My experience abroad in France and Europe in general was life-changing, eye-opening, and just awesome overall. I am glad I took the challenge to get out of my comfort zone and explore a whole new world.

How was this experience shaped you?

Being abroad has made me more motivated to expand my knowledge, views, and experience overall about other cultures beside my own. In a sense like the French do, live life!

What is your overall goal for your senior year at Bentley?

My overall goal for senior year is to continue on this path of  finding out who I am and what I want to do in this world. I want to form deeper connections with some of the people that I already know because who knows what will happen after we go our separate ways.