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Multicultural Center's Student Spotlight

Usama Salim


Year: Senior

Major: Economics and Finance

Liberal Studies Major: Health and Industry

Minor: Computer Information Systems


Usama is a very hard working individual and will be graduating early in December 2016, a semester earlier than his class mates. He took classes in the summer and worked around the clock to achieve his goals and get to where he is today. During his time here, Usama has noticed that ambition plays a key role for Bentley students in getting what they want. Those who are ambitious will accomplish everything they set out to do, and Bentley will help them along the way. He feels that as long as people are involved, they will feel fulfilled in their experiences. Usama is currently working on undergraduate research and is about to publish two of his research papers alongside 2 of his professors. He is an incredibly dedicated individual and feels that any new Bentley student should be sure to take every opportunity available them.

Final thoughts...

“Sometimes you have to take a step back to take three steps forward, or move horizontally before you can move up. It’s fine if you’re not moving forward all the time, don’t be afraid of it.”

Carlos Gutierrez Pantoja


Year: Junior

Major: Marketing

Liberal Studies Major: Gender Studies


Carlos is a vibrant young man, who is committed to making the community a better, more friendly place for everyone. He has committed a lot of his time to putting a stop to bullying of LGBTQ members and thinks that everyone should know about what resources are available to them. He says that no one should feel like they are left alone because there are so many people and organizations around to help them. All they have to do is go for it. Carlos has also done many advertising projects for different organizations around campus. He recently came up with the ‘Day of Silence’ t-shirt designs, as well as the new logo for PRIDE, an LGBTQ organization on campus. Carlos has also helped with other marketing projects for PRIDE and will continue to help develop their image and says they have some great things planned.

Final thoughts...

“Nothing will be handed to you, you have to go out and get it.”

Jackson Le


Year: Sophomore

Major: Computer Information Systems 

Liberal Studies Major: Diversity and Society


Jackson started his Bentley journey in the STEP program, which provides an extra transition period for students who may not have had the same opportunities as others. When the rest of the student body arrived on campus, Jackson began to realize how important his identity would be in his college experience. Initially, being a low income, minority student who was a member of the LGBTQ community, made Jackson feel secluded from his peers; but as time went on, he realized being different could really help him as well as the people around him. He decided to use his rare circumstance to uplift others and make their transition easier. He strives to inspire everyone to celebrate diversity and practice inclusion because he understands the difficulty that comes with being different. Jackson hopes to turn this passion into a concrete career where he can be the voice of many different underrepresented groups.


Final thoughts...

“I realized my differences were advantages instead of disadvantages, and made me unique.”


Karalynn Ojeda- Pollard


Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided

Minor: Spanish for Business


Karalynn Ojeda-Pollard has always felt that creativity is essential. Throughout her high school career, she was an aspiring photographer and never knew quite how she would turn that love into a career path. She decided business was the way to go and has been working toward her future ever since. Karalynn is currently working on her own website to highlight her photography and sell merchandise. The website also serves as a blog which relates creativity to business and highlights the parts of her life which exemplify this relationship. She also started the Bentley YOU project, to highlight students and their uniqueness. Her ultimate goal is to open a business where she can hire artists and teach the value of creativity, as well as how to turn it into a practical career path.

Final thoughts...

“You have to work hard even when you don’t want to so that when you go out into the real world you will be on a good path.”