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Data Highlights

The OneLess Campaign was initially implemented in the Fall 2011. The following measures have been used to evaluate program effectiveness on our campus.

  • National College Health Assessment (NCHA) Data from Spring 2010
  • OneLess Attitudes Survey administered Fall 2011
  • NCHA data from Fall 2012
  • OneLess Follow Up survey administered October 2012
  • Campus conduct records
  • Student engagement at programs and via social media

Data Highlights

Students self-reported rates of protective strategies utilized within past year (these are behaviors that ensure safety while drinking or are “oneless” strategies) (n=1128 responses)

  • 65% chose to stay in one night or drink less frequently
  • 58% report drinking a lower quantity
  • 50% chose a drink with less alcohol
  • 55% set a limit before they went out