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Health and Safety

Keeping you healthy and safe is a top priority at Bentley.

Through the Office of Counseling and Student Development, students receive free and confidential personal counseling and educational programs, both focused on a holistic approach to promote wellness and growth. In addition, CSD houses Disability Services, which facilitates accommodations for students with diagnosed disabilities. 

Through our Center for Health and Wellness, we offer a range of quality health care services and health education programs, helping ensure you’re always ready to perform at your best. If exercise and getting fit are your aims, our top-notch Dana Athletic Center and intramural sports programs puts these goals within easy reach.

While you are on campus, you are sure to be in good hands thanks to our University Police Department. Officers take a proactive approach to safeguarding the campus community and promoting security awareness through educational programs, a Safety Escort Service, training in CPR and first aid, and regular patrols.