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These podcasts are designed to help you relax during stressful times and learn new techniques for keeping yourself calm when things feel overwhelming. Podcasts may be listened to from this site or downloaded as an MP3 file and listened to through your iPod or other music device.

Finding Your Breath, Finding Your Calm
Breathing is one of our most basic functions. This 6 minute exercise will help you regulate your breathing and other body functions, calm your anxiety, and help you relax. Use it whenever you feel stressed or to help you sleep. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) 
PMR is a guided series of muscle contractions and releases that promote deep relaxation of the body and calm the mind and nervous system. This podcast is 16 minutes long, so use it during a time when you will not be disturbed or are planning on going to sleep. After you practice PMR several times, you may find yourself able to engage in your own PMR without being guided.

Visualize Your Stress Away 
During this exercise, you will be guided to imagine yourself in a peaceful place that will help your mind let go of any tension or worry. Visualization works particularly well if your mind has trouble calming down during breathing or PMR exercises.

Get Yourself to Sleep
Having trouble sleeping? Use this podcast to prepare your body to sleep, to ensure an easier transition to sleep, and to remain asleep all night long.

Tips for Using Podcasts

When using these podcasts, you should:

  • Listen during a time when you will not be interrupted
  • Turn off your cellphone, computer and instant messaging devices
  • Sit where your head and body are fully supported or lay down in a quiet place
  • Turn off any music or other background noise
  • Practice each more than once — these techniques take time to learn
  • If you enjoy the experience, consider making it a daily practice to help you avoid becoming overwhelmed later
  • Take the skills with you — once you learn a breathing technique, try it without the podcast. You can use it in class, library, or anywhere you are feeling stressed

If you have questions about these podcasts, please contact us. If you find these techniques are not enough to calm your stress or anxiety, consider talking with a psychologist or clinician in our office. We can help. Call us at 781.891.2274.