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Services and Confidentiality

College life sometimes can be overwhelming, with new pressures and stresses. Our staff are here to help you discuss and find solutions to your concerns and problems in a safe, welcoming and confidential environment. These services are available to any Bentley student, free of charge.


Our services include:

  • Individual, short-term therapy sessions
  • Group counseling for issues such as anxiety, relationships, surviving the death of a loved one; and support for LGBTQ, ALANA, or international students.
  • Medication evaluations by our consulting psychiatrist with prescriptions and follow-up appointments. This is available only by referral from a Counseling Center staff member.
  • Wellness and educational programs on a variety of topics 
  • Downloadable podcasts to help induce relaxation or sleep

If you are not familiar with counseling services and would like to learn more, you are welcome to meet with our staff to discuss our services and how they might be of use to you.

The following brochures may be helpful if you are concerned about someone else. If these resources are not enough, consider making an appointment with a counselor to discuss your concerns in person.    

Referring students to counseling
How to help a friend in distress


Confidentiality is a legal right and is highly regarded by our staff. Student counseling records and conversations are held in the strictest confidence and are not a part of your academic or other record at the university. Parents, faculty, or staff outside the Counseling Center cannot obtain any information about your counseling appointments, including whether or not you are being seen. We will not divulge information about you without a signed, written release by you, except as required by law or professional ethics. Ethical standards of the American Psychological Association are strictly maintained.

If you also receive treatment at the Center for Health and Wellness for a medical condition that is related to your work in counseling, our staffs may consult with each other to ensure adequate and appropriate treatment. Likewise, if you are being seen by our office for counseling and academics accommodations, your clinician and Disability Services staff may consult with each other about relevant clinical issues.

If you are interested in having your clinician consult with someone outside of our office, you should discuss this with your clinician directly. We frequently consult with parents, faculty, and staff about students, but must have a release in order to do so.