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Wellness & Education


Learning how to take care of your body, your emotional health, and your spiritual well-being are important keys to academic and professional success. Wellness is about personal choice and balance. It is multifaceted and can encompass many dimensions.

Our Health Promotion staff and team of student Wellness Educators provide outreach programs to promote the various dimensions of wellness. Please contact us at 781.891.2600 or email to schedule a program.

Campus Wellness Map

Wellness opportunities surround you at Bentley. Check out our wellness map or participate in one of the activities listed below. 

View Bentley University Wellness Map in a larger map

Wellness Opportunities by Dimension

Physical Wellness

We’ve got what it takes to help you stay healthy and fit:

Social Wellness

Looking for something to do?

  • Attend a Falcons UNite event, held every Friday and Saturday night from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Check out Falcons UNite on Facebook and Twitter, or download their iPhone app for a list of upcoming activities.
  • Take part in an arts program
  • Hang out in the BlueLine
  • Join one of our more than 100 student organizations

Emotional Wellness

Taking care of you

Spiritual Wellness

Make meaning out of life

Occupational Wellness

Bring value to your work

Community and Environmental Wellness

Make campus your home away from home and contribute positively to the environment

Intellectual Wellness

Knowledge is power

Getting Involved in Campus Wellness

To book a program with staff from the Center for Health and Wellness, contact Jessica Greher Traue at 781.891.2947 or To book a program with staff from the Counseling Center, contact Peter Forkner 781.891.2274 or