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Damage Billing

Damage Billing Policy

You must pay a damage deposit of $100 before moving in. The deposit covers damage to your room/suite/apartment and all property within. Upon your move in, you must complete a Room Condition Report (RCR) which identifies existing damage (for which you will not be held responsible). After your move out, a professional staff member will inspect your space for existing damage or necessary cleaning required to bring the space back to its original condition.  Any damages noted will be compared to your original move in RCR and those damage charges will be negated before billing your student account.  

Checkout Process

You must check out with a residence life staff member at the end of the academic year.   Failure to properly check out forfeits your right to appeal any damage or cleaning charges you may incur.   You are required to fill out a form that will be sent by your Residence Director, indicating your last final and departure date and time.  Should you plan to leave prior to May 8th, you can schedule your check-out with your Resident Assistant.  For individuals leaving Monday, May 8th through our final closing period of Thursday, May 11th at 6:00pm, you will stop by your Resident Assistant staff office to check-out.  Resident Assistants will review your space to ensure you have fully vacated.  They will provide a checklist of reminders for your to review prior to leaving.  Please note, the Resident Assistants are not able to inspect your space or levy any charges for cleaning and damage.  Inspections only occur by professional Staff members (Residence Directors/Assistant Directors).  

Inspection Process

Residential Center Professional Staff (Residence Directors/Assistant Directors) will inspect rooms/suites/apartments after all students have vacated. Staff will assess any damage or cleaning charges using the guidelines below:

For charges that may be assessed should your space not meet the acceptable standards, please review the damage billing rates document here: Damage Billing Charges 2016-2017

Spring Damage Billing Timeline

May 11th through 13th - Inspections occur of all residence halls (by Residence Directors, after space is completely vacated by all residents)

May 23rd - Notifications sent to all residential student who incurred damage/cleaning charges including information on the damage billing appeals process

June 15th - Last day to appeal any damage billing charges

June 26th - Students notified of the status of their appeal through their Bentley email account

Charges and Appeals

Once inspections conclude, charges will be levied based on the location of the damage.  If issues arise in common area spaces (e.g., kitchen, hallways, bathrooms), charges will be split amongst all current residents.  If issues arise in bedrooms, charges will be split amongst roommates. All or any part of the $100 damage deposit is credited to you at the end of the year, after damage and other assessed fees are deducted. Credits are posted directly to your student account.  Should your bill be in excess of $100, a debit will read on your account.  

With your help, it is our goal to have the buildings left in acceptable condition, and in turn, to keep the charges to a minimum.

Important Information

Cleaning Checklist | Before you Go Checkout Information | Hall Closing Email sent 5/2/2017 | Hall Opening Email sent 8/30/2016