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Housing Policies

Early Move-In Policy

You are not allowed under any circumstances to move into your on-campus residence prior to official campus opening, nor are you allowed to assist a fellow student do likewise. Any student found moving in before the early move-in date will likely lose their housing for the 2015-2016 academic year.

You're expected to abide by all University policies during the early move-in period. At this time, policy violations will be taken more seriously than during the academic year. Alcohol and drug violations (especially if they involve hosting or first-year students) will be taken especially seriously.

Policy violations will likely result in your immediate removal from housing, and you'll have to find off-campus accommodations. Depending on the violation, your status as a resident student — or even as a Bentley student — could be in jeopardy.

Residence Damage Policy

You must pay a damage deposit of $100 before moving in. The deposit covers damage to the room and Bentley property. When you move in, you must complete a Unit Evaluation Form, which identifies existing damage (for which you will not be held responsible). All or any part of the $100 is credited to you at the end of the year, after damage and other assessed fees are deducted. Credits are posted directly to your student account.

If your unit is found to have damage, costs are assessed as follows:

  • When damage is attributed to a student or a known group of students, costs are deducted from the deposit in equal parts from the individual or group.
  • When damage is attributed to a student's room or apartment, but not a specific occupant of that room, and exceeds $30 per student at the end of the year, the costs are deducted in equal parts from all occupants of that room or apartment.

In addition to restitution for damage, students can be held judicially responsible for deliberate or malicious damage, and can be fined.

For damage in a room or an apartment, disciplinary action must be initiated against all occupants of a room or apartment. Penalties range in severity, and can include expulsion from Bentley. In all cases, students are not eligible for graduation, nor can they receive transcripts, until damage costs are paid in full.