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Specialty Housing & Other Housing Options

Understanding Our Specialty Communities

Our specialty communities make it possible for you to live with a small group of students who share similar goals, identities, or cultural interests. Specialty communities can encourage personal growth, enhance academic achievement, and offer leadership opportunities.

The benefits of living in a specialty community include:

  • Smaller communities that foster friendship
  • Specialized programs and events
  • Support for academic endeavors
  • Educational experience that extend the classroom

Specialty Communities in the First Year Area

Global Living Center

The Global Living Center (GLC) will provide residents with opportunities to connect with peers from around the world and learn about different cultures and perspectives. Programs and events on the floor will be designed to bring participants together to discuss international issues, to learn more about the world economy, and to share their own diverse and unique experiences and ideas. Miller Hall GLC residents live on the First Floor of Miller Hall.

For more information about the Global Living Center click here!

To apply for the GLC click here!

Honors Community

The Honors Community provides members of the Bentley Honors Program with an opportunity to live and learn in an environment that is focused on building community among Honors students, while providing a space to support academic preparedness. Please note that only students who are offered admission into the Bentley Honors Program are eligible to live within this community.

Just some of the benefits available to residents of the Honors Community include:

  • Bonding with fellow incoming students in a supportive, welcoming environment
  • Access to an Honors student-only lounge located within Slade Hall
  • Participating in exclusive programming on and off campus
  • Exploring your identity as an Honors student at Bentley University. 

For more information about the Honors Community click here!

To apply for the Honors Community click here!

Wellness Community

Wellness Community is available for first-year students and fosters an environment for a healthy and balanced mind, body and spirit, to achieve personal and academic success.

Wellness Community residents will be able to share with their floormates common interests such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Meditation/Spirituality
  • Relaxation
  • Yoga
  • Sports
  • Ongoing health and wellness education programs

For more information about Wellness Community click here!

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Women’s Leadership Floor

The Women’s Leadership Floor (WLF) is for incoming, first-year women students only and is limited to 21 students. This community is a safe, welcoming and supportive environment that will prepare you to join and embrace the business world and other leadership positions at Bentley.

Just some of the benefits available to residents of the WLF include:

  • An upperclass woman mentor to support you during your first year at Bentley
  • Networking events and lectures and presentations by guest speakers
  • Opportunities to explore the influence and impact of women on the business world

For more information about the Women's Leadership Floor click here!

To apply for the Women's Leadership Floor click here!

Specialty Communities in the Upper Class Area

Service Learning and Civic Engagement Living Learning Community

Through intentional programming, class participation and numerous opportunities to be a part of an active service-focused community, residents of the Service Learning floor will not only be prepared to join and embrace the business world, but will realize and utilize their critical role in their local, national and global communities.

  • Located on the Ground Floor of Kresge Hall
  • Students who live within this community will be required to sign up for the designated 3 credit General Elective course. 

Bentley Leadership Floor

The Bentley Leadership Floor (BLF) will provide a community for students to engage and continue their growth as a Bentley leader. Residents will support and educate each other through living and learning on a specialty community floor. Throughout their sophomore year, BLF residents will optimize their experiences on their respective paths of becoming effective and engaged student leaders. Residents of the BLF will have the opportunity to network with professionals, bond with floor members through intentional programming, informal conversations and gatherings. 

BLF residents will enjoy:

  • Professional networking
  • Leadership programming
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Informal conversations and gatherings

Global Living Center

The Global Living Center (GLC) provides residents with opportunities to connect with peers from around the world and learn about different cultures. Programs and events are designed to bring you together with classmates to discuss international issues, learn about the world economy, and share your own diverse experiences and ideas.

The Upperclass GLC is for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors and is located in Orchard North

Mixed-Gender Housing

Mixed-gender housing allows two or more students of any gender or sex to share a multiple-occupancy apartment, in mutual agreement. This option is only available in North Campus B. Please email for more details.

Roommates of Resident Assistants

If a resident is selected or assigned to live in a resident assistant's living space, it's important to understand that the The Residential Center has the right to change a resident's room assignment in the event of an RA employment change or due to any impediments of the RA job function during the year. Some examples of when this may occur include if the RA roommate:

  • Participates in a study abroad program
  • Graduates
  • Resigns
  • Leaves the position for any other reason

Hosting an Exchange Student

If a resident is interested in broadening their horizons and making new connections with the world, a resident may consider hosting an exchange student in their housing group. Living with an exchange student is extremely rewarding, for both the resident and their new international friend. This is also a wonderful option to round out a group of three roommates who wish to become a group of four. Contact for more information.