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Current Emergency Status

Snow Closing

The Bentley campus is open as of 10:00AM on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday, 2/10/15, 11:14AM, From Dean Dan Everett, Dean Chip Wiggins and Provost Mike Page

Our weather woes continue following the recent snow.  While the school will be opening late today, all things are not back to normal.  MBTA and the Harvard Shuttle are not running today which will add to travel difficulties that are already complicated by the snow accumulation.

To students, particularly commuter students, please use your best judgment when deciding whether to make the trip to campus and class.  In these circumstances, careful thought about safety concerns  should always inform your choices.

To faculty and staff, we appreciate your continued patience and understanding in these extreme circumstances.  We ask that you continue to be guided by that patience and indulgence in dealing with your students and their ability to re-engage with classes as the weather and travel issues allow.

At the risk of stating the obvious, these are unusual and challenging times.  We want folks to make their choices based on what is in their best safety interests.  To support that and to get through this, we need to continue to support each other and work together.  


Monday, 2/9/15, 10:09PM, From Dean of Students, Andrew Shephardson

As you should have seen, Chief Leffler has just sent the official announcement that the University will open at 10AM.  We do want the community to be aware that with the MBTA shut down, the weather, and the road conditions in Massachusetts, the campus will not be able to operate as usual.  With the current conditions and the lack of public transit, we know several members of the community will not be able to get to campus.  Some campus services will be limited (for example some food service venues).  While a tremendous amount of work has taken place to clear lots and walkways, there is still a lot of snow.  For those who commute via the shuttle and will not be able to get campus, please reach out directly to your faculty, department chair or supervisor to let them know the situation.

We ask your continued patience and understanding as we face these extraordinary circumstances.  Departments with changes in operations will do their best to notify the community in a timely fashion.

Please stay safe.


Sunday, 2/8/15, 5:27PM, From Dean Dan Everett, Dean Chip Wiggins and Provost Mike Page 

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The weather continues to create problems for all of us as we try and move through the spring term.  The forecast for tomorrow into Tuesday raises the possibility that classes may need to be cancelled yet again. 

We are writing to stress that while this is incredibly disruptive, we want to make sure that all of you in the broader community understand that decision(s) regarding whether to hold class and/or close campus have been,  and will continue to be, made with the utmost consideration for the safety of our students, faculty and staff with the cooperation and collaboration of all of us, we will get through the semester as best we can this will require all of us working hard to balance the need to be firm in adhering to the academic calendar as best we can with the understanding and consideration that all parties have other issues to coordinate in their lives (e.g., family and work considerations, curricular, co- and extra-curricular commitments that are also being disrupted by the weather)

We appreciate how trying this weather pattern has been and may continue to be.  We also appreciate everyone’s willingness to work through this together.

Stay safe.


Emergency Information

In case of emergencies, CALL UNIVERSITY POLICE at 781.891.3131 first, if you see or are involved in any dangerous or threatening situation.

When severe weather or a campus-wide emergency occurs, it may be necessary to cancel classes and close offices.

The official, most accurate information will be recorded on the Campus Notification phone line at 781.891.2020, shared via email and text with the campus community, and posted here.

Emergency Response Team

We are prepared to respond quickly when major emergencies occur. Our specially trained Emergency Response Team comprises professionals from many areas of the university and works in collaboration with the university president. It is ready to be activated 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Emergency Preparedness

Bentley facilities staff and campus police are committed to your safety in the event of an emergency. An emergency is any situation that requires immediate and prompt action. This includes circumstances that pose a threat to the health, safety or well-being of any student or member of the faculty or staff. To read more about our emergency preparedness plans please visit our Emergency Preparedness page for more information.