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Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence

The Coalition on Sexual and Relationship Violence (COSARV) at Bentley University provides information, resources, and education to our community to encourage healthy, respectful relationships. COSARV also works collaboratively to decrease relationship violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault involving our students.   

In accordance with the Bentley Beliefs, COSARV fosters and promotes:

  • Respect
  • Open communication
  • Shared responsibility for one another
  • A safe, positive learning and living environment

These resource pages are designed to foster healthy relationships and support those who have survived a sexual assault or unhealthy relationship, as well as those who care about them. Included is information for students, faculty, and staff regarding resources, incident reporting, and how to help others.   

Coalition Members

COSARV is comprised of faculty, staff, and students and chaired by Gerri Taylor, Center for Health and Wellness and Jessica Roche, University Police. The COSARV members listed here can provide referral guidance as needed. If you are in need of immediate help, call University Police at 781.891.3131 for assistance.

Ron Ardizzone (Student Systems)

Traci Abbott (Faculty, English and Media Studies Department)

Claudette Blot (Multicultural Center)

Ann Dexter (Human Resources)

Peter Forkner (Counseling Center)

Debbie Forman (Center for Health and Wellness)

Alex Hirs (Gender Equity and Development)

Erin Kelley (Student Conduct and Development)

Marianne DelPo Kulow (Faculty and Chair, Law, Tax and Financial Planning)

Tony Martin (Residential Center)

Jessica Roche (University Police)

Emily Rosenfield (Residential Center)

Andrew Shepardson (Vice President for Student Affairs)

Gerry Stenerson (Academic Services)

Gerri Taylor (Center for Health and Wellness)

Jessica Greher Traue (Center for Health and Wellness)

Jessica Solomon (Student)