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Staff and Peer Advisers




Titilola Adewale

Office: Lewis Hall, 102

Elena Korepanova

Assistant Director
Office: Lewis Hall, 103

Donna Deiulio

SEVIS Coordinator/ International Student Advisor
Office: Lewis Hall, 105

Peer Advisors

Shiza Ahmed

Major: Economics - Finance
Country: Pakistan
Life @ Bentley:“Being in an environment with such driven individuals pushes you to be the best that you can be”.

Chenxi (David) Lu

MS: Finance
Country: China
Life @ Bentley: “Great facilities and student services. Efficient communication and close connection with all the communities”.

Samia (Sami) Cabezas

Major: Economics & Finance
Country: Ecuador
Life @ Bentley: “I felt very welcome and always got help as an international student and I want to do the same for incoming students”.

Zac-Patrick (Zac) Bentum

Major: Corporate Finance & Accounting
Country: Ghana
Life @ Bentley: “There are many communities to get involved with and places to welcome you with open arms!”

Deepti Khilnani

MS: Marketing Analytics
Country: India/Lybia
Life @ Bentley: “The most helpful organization at Bentley is the CISS and I am proud to be part of it”.

Reema Mulchandani

MS: Marketing Analytics
Country: India
Life @ Bentley: “I was very impressed with the balance of professionalism and warmth along with the state of the art facilities at Bentley”

Sebastian Hernandez

Major: Finance
Country: Venezuela
Life @ Bentley:  I am member of the International Students Organization.

Juan Duran

Major: Economics-Finance
Country: Colombia/USA
Life @ Bentley: “I enjoy singing and have performed on stage at Bentley’s Festival of Colors”.

Navera Asghar

Major: Finance and LSM in Quantitative Perspectives 
Country: Pakistan & UAE
Life @ Bentley: “There are so many wonderful ways to get involved and contribute to what you are passionate about!”

Coral Lipovetsky

Major: Economics-Finance
Country: Dominican Republic
Life @ Bentley: “I fell in love with the campus, the small classes, and  the high job placement after graduation. It has everything I was looking for in a school”.

Marie Tuchy

Major: Economics-Finance
Country: Austria
Life @ Bentley: “I like how easy it is to make Bentley your new home, getting involved on campus and forming meaningful friendships along the way”.

Aashna (Aash) Gupta

Major: Managerial-Economics
Country: India
Life @ Bentley:  “As a freshman, I had so many people (IPAs) helping me out every step of the way and I would like for other international students to feel the way I did”.

Jayaganesh (Jay) Janardhanan

Major: Economics-Finance
Country: India
Life @ Bentley: “I have always believed in the idea of giving back to the community that I live in and I think being an IPA has been one of the best ways for me to do that.”

Title Nongsuwan

Major: Economics-Finance
Country: Thailand
Life @ Bentley: “I love the IPA position because it allows me to help others who are going through exactly what I went through when I was an incoming freshman”.

Miaojun (Amy) Wang

MS: Accountancy
Country: China
Life @ Bentley: “The people I have met at Bentley  are nice and willing to help. I feel I fit here”.

Julian Garcia

Major: Economics and Finance
Country: Colombia/USA
Life @ Bentley: “I like the small college feeling where you can get to meet faculty and students and build long lasting relationships”.

Kevin Laryea

Major: Economics-Finance & LSM
Country: Ghana
Life @ Bentley: “I like being able to help new freshmen international students get accustomed to the Bentley community.”

Maria Tarud

Major: Economics-Finance
Country: Colombia
Life @ Bentley: “I love everything about Bentley. the campus is very peaceful and beautiful throughout the different seasons”.

Olga Frech

Major: Info Design & Corporate Communications
Country: Honduras
Life @ Bentley: “The integration of business with liberal arts, study abroad opportunities and organizations have allowed me to exploit my leadership potential outside the classroom”

Jorge (Georgey) Chen Guan

Major: CIS
Country: El Salvador
Life @ Bentley: “The trading room looks legit. I also like being able to connect with the Bentley international community.