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Staff, Student Workers, and International Peer Advisors




Titilola Adewale, Ed.D.

Office: Lewis Hall, 102

Elena Korepanova, M.Ed., M.S.M.

Assistant Director
Office: Lewis Hall, 103

Donna Deiulio

SEVIS Coordinator, International Student Advisor
Office: Lewis Hall 105

Theresa Lamoureux

Administrative Assistant II
Office: Lewis Hall 101

Student Workers

Soraya Caballero

Office Assistant
Office: Lewis Hall 101

Keith Ducharme

Office Assistant
Office: Lewis Hall 101

International Peer Advisors

Samia (Sami) Cabezas

Major: Economics & Finance
Country: Ecuador
Why did I choose Bentley: “Bentley’s diverse community and leadership opportunities."
Fun fact about me: "I skydived for Thanksgiving last year."

Zac-Patrick (Zac) Bentum

Major: Corporate Finance and Accounting
Country: Ghana
Why did I choose Bentley: “There are many communities and organizations to get involved in and they all welcome you with open arms!"
Fun fact about me: "I have 10 dogs."


Sebastian Hernandez

Major: Finance
Country: Venezuela
Why did I choose Bentley:  "I chose Bentley for its size, location, and business focus. I wanted a small school, close to Boston, and with a high focus and reputation in Business. Everyone at Bentley is kind, fun, professional, and very driven by success."
Fun fact about me: "I've always been a falcon; my second family name is Falcon."



Coral Lipovetsky

Major: Economics-Finance
Country: Dominican Republic
Why did I choose Bentley: “I chose Bentley because it offered everything I was looking for in a college. A business school on the East Coast, with small interactive classes and a small professor to student ratio. Bentley encourages its students to use its high-tech facilities and learn from real-world examples and interactions."
Fun fact about me: "I speak three languages fluently and I love to travel around the world."



Julian Garcia

Major: Economics and Finance
Country: Colombia
Why I chose Bentley: “I chose Bentley because of the small college feeling and the great business formation.”
Fun fact about me: "I completed an Olympic Triathlon before graduation from high school."











Juan Duran

Major: Finance
Country: Columbia/USA
Why did I choose Bentley: “Technology, class size, location and its beautiful campus were among the reasons why I chose Bentley.”
Fun fact about me: “I sang in front of 1000 people when I was in high school.”



Chak Lam (Hugh) Cheong

Major: Finance
Country: China
Why did I choose Bentley: "I chose Bentley because of its reputation, location, experienced faculty and excellent facilities, such as the Trading Room."
Fun fact about me: "I am from Macau, China!"


Mustafa Merchant

Major: Management
Country: Pakistan/Canada
Why did I choose Bentley: "I was drawn to the welcoming campus culture along with the highly-specialized professors. Bentley's high international student population led me to feel comfortable and at home within the first few weeks."
Fun fact about me: "I enjoy collecting magnets from every new country visited, so for I have collected 18."


Alessandra Lamberti


Major: Accounting; Spanish
Country: USA
Why did I choose Bentley: "I love how friendly everyone is. From the minute I set foot on campus, I was encompassed by welcoming students. I also love how the student population is the perfect size. It is big enough so that you are always meeting new people, but at the same time you will see familiar faces wherever you go!"
Fun fact about me: "I have a twin, I love to play soccer, I'm a math nerd, my favorite food in the whole world is ice cream, and I have smile wrinkles from smiling too much."


Juan (Juanpa) Quiroga Vargas


Major: Corporate Finance and Accounting
Country: Columbia
Why did I choose Bentley: "I chose to attend Bentley because it was one of the best business schools in the area and it provided me with all of the opportunities I was looking for in academic, athletic, cultural, social, and professional terms."
Fun fact about me: "I backpacked most of South America when I graduated from high school."

Xiaohuan (Claire) Ma


Major: Marketing Analytics
Country: China
Why did I choose Bentley: "I chose Bentley because of its wonderful location and because I really like the course setting of my major. The career services center is a big help to students."
Fun fact about me: "I love travelling and am used to travelling alone."


Haarika Vissapragada


Major: Economics-Finance
Country: India/UAE
Why did I choose Bentley: "Bentley is my home away from home. Beacause of its small size, almost everybody knows most of the people and it is easy to find people who have similar interests to you. The classes are small and the professors are really helpful. It's a wonderful place."
Fun fact about me: "I have travelled to 6 countries with my high school. I love adventure sports."


Rizky Indraprasto


Major: Economics-Finance and Quantitative Perspective
Country: Indonesia
Why did I choose Bentley: "I always knew that Bentley is the right choice for me. The university has excellent facilities such as the Trading Room which is very useful for people that are interested in the market. Moreover, Bentley has a very competitive environment which motivates its students to become the best that they can be. The people are very friendly and  diverse which allows you to meet different people and get different perspective from students/faculties  all around the globe."
Fun fact about me: "I used to play for Indonesia's junior basketball team competing all around Asia."


Han (Jessica) Shao

Major: Accounting
Country: China
Why did I choose Bentley: "Bentley is a prestigious and prominent university with strong alumni base which make students feel warm and connected to the New England area. The award-winning Career Service at Bentley offers students a broad set of lifelong career-oriented assistance."
Fun fact about me: "I studied in China, UK and US, and traveled to 9 countries. I worked in both the finance and public relation industry. I like singing, dancing, hiking and meeting new friends."


Ornpapar (Pam) Limkijcharoen


Major: Corporate Finance and Accounting
Country: Thailand
Why did I choose Bentley: "Bentley is a cozy school, with small classes, nice professors, friendly community, and the high job placement after graduation."
Fun fact about me: "I like Thai boxing."

Shenghao (Anna) Liu

Major: Accounting
Country: China
Why did I choose Bentley: "I chose Bentley because it has high-quality programs, small classes and high job placement after graduation. It could help me achieve my career goals."
Fun fact about me: "I love nature and animals. I could recognize around 100 plants in China."


Devika Gupta


Major: Management; Ethics and Social Responsibility
Country: India
Why did I choose Bentley: "Apart from the beautiful campus, I enjoy the personalized relationships we develop in a classroom setting with the professors and other students, it really makes learning such an incredible experience! Overall, I had learnt a lot about so many new cultures, traditions and values. The experience here will be as good as you make it! So take initiative and make it your best!"
Fun fact about me: "I kissed a koala bear! I went skydiving and absolutely loved it! (FYI- I am afraid of heights)"


Maria Gabriela (Gaby) Alfonso

Major: Managerial Economics
Country: Guatemala/El Salvador/Costa Rica/Mexico/UK
Why did I choose Bentley: "I chose Bentley because of its prestigious reputation in business, as well as its size and extracurricular activities. I really like the campus, the small class sizes, and the fact that I have met a lot of people from all over the world. Its a great place to learn in and out of the classroom!"
Fun fact about me: "I have lived in 6 different countries."


Jorge Moutran


Major: Finance
Country: Panama
Why did I choose Bentley: "I chose bentley for it being a good business school, being near Boston which is a very college life-oriented city and because it was a small campus with many opportunities. I like it for all those reasons, and because of the good facilities it has and the opportunities you get for being a Bentley graduate."
Fun fact about me: "Whenever I begin doing something I want to do it all day, but at some point randomly I could stop doing ot for years. Example: drawing. I made 40 drawings in a week, and didn't draw again for 2 years!"


Lin Su


Major: Accounting
Country: China
Why did I choose Bentley: "I fell in love with Bentley right from the beginning of the Orientation. It has everything I was looking for in a school: great resources, nice professors and talented students. Bentley is just amazing!"
Fun fact about me: "I love traveling and photoshooting. I have been to South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, France, Italy and some other Europe countries."