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Multicultural Center 's Students Spotlight

Glenys D. Rodriguez

Year: Freshman
Major: Finance
Minor: CIS and/or Law
Hometown: Boston, MA
Activities involved in: ALPFA, CBL
Favorite Seasons food: Clam Chowder
How did you get your job on campus?: I have two jobs on campus, one at the Student Center Pub as Event Staff and the second one at Graduate Admissions as an admissions assistant. I obtained both jobs from peers who referenced me to their bosses.
How will your job prepare you for your future careers?: As Event Staff I will learn to be patient, and learn how to work with a wide variety of people. As an Admissions Assistant I will learn flexibility, the basics of office work and how to deal with people from different backgrounds, which is vital in the field of business.

Justice Harrison


Year: Sophomore
Major: Managerial Economics/ Ethics & Social Responsibility
Minor: N/A
Hometown: Hartford, CT
Activities involved in: Bentley Service Learning, NABA, and Residential Center
Favorite Seasons food: I don’t have a meal plan
Looking back do you think you made a smart decision in choosing to transfer to Bentley when you did?:  Yes I think so. Transferring to Bentley at the time that I did gave me ample time to facilitate connections and acclimate to the curriculum.
How did Bentley help you make the transition?: The First Year Seminar program introduced me to other transfer students who shared similar experiences. In all, the program introduced me to the vast array of resources on campus.

Aja Piro-Ibrahim


Year: Sophomore
Major: Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a Liberal Studies Major in Global Perspectives
Minor: None
Hometown: Norwalk, Connecticut
Activities involved in: Co-Founder & Co-President of the Healthy Hearts Association; Designer Liaison for the BUB Bentley University Annual Fashion Show
Favorite Seasons food: Humus with pita bread
As a nimble student at Bentley, what made you choose to do a business major as well as an LSM at Bentley?: I believe that in order to be a successful leader in the business world, it is crucial to have an understanding of how the rest of the world functions. Through my LSM in Global Perspectives, I will learn about the global economy and how business is handled in different countries. Ultimately, this combination of business and international studies will serve me well in my future endeavors and career goals.
What is your favorite LSM related course?: I loved my GLS 102 Comparative Government and Politics course with Professor Garvey. His class sparked my interest in international political affairs and challenged my ability to think in diverse ways.

Arjun Agarwala


Year: Junior
Major: Finance
Minor: Information Design Corporate Communication
Hometown: Cambridge, MA, currently in Burlington, MA
Activities involved in: President of REAL (Recognizing Everyone Attributes and Lifestyles), Events Coordinator of SASA (South Asian Student Association), Brother of Delta Sigma Pi, Manager of Bentley BizRaas
Favorite Seasons food: Flatbread Pizzas with Diced Tomato’s
Being the president of an organization comes with many responsibilities, how do you manage your academics between your org?:
I manage my academics and my organization is by being able to manage my time really well. I live off of my Outlook Calendar and schedule everything that I do as well as having a to-do list keeps me productive throughout the day and that helps me manage my academics between my org.
What makes you passionate about your organization?:
The mission and goal of my organization is what makes me passionate about it. I like meeting new people and trying new things and that’s what REAL is all about. We try to get people to step out of their comfort zones and try new things by collaborating with many other organizations and that is what I really enjoy.

Mayfield Accilien

Year:  Senior
Major: Global Management
Minor: Sociology and Chinese Mandarin
Hometown: Woburn, MA
Activities involved in: FIRE STEP Squad, NABA, BUB, Woman’s Rugby, and Bentley Christian Fellowship.
How has Bentley prepared you throughout your four years?: Through the difference people I met at Bentley University, and its way of expressing the need of teamwork skill, I learn to communicate and work better with other and understand one another.
Out of all the resources Bentley provides you with, which one do you think it the most useful? Why?: For a person with a major concentrating in any aspect of international work, Bentley has the best way of exposure through the amount of exchange students on campus and the opportunities to travel through Bentley. The financial support and preparation are off the hook, and very relevant.