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Leadership Programs

Community of Bentley Leaders Program

Fall 2014 CBL Program Schedule (PDF)


Effective leadership begins with action. Without this, there can be no demonstration of potential; without potential, there can be no effective leadership development; and without effective leadership development, there can be no effective leadership.

The Community of Bentley Leaders (CBL) Program is an opportunity for all students, both undergraduate and graduate, to learn about the intricacies of leadership. You can participate at many levels, whether by just checking it out to working toward obtaining official CBL status or admittance to the program. The onus is intentionally left on you to determine your participation according to your interests, motivation, schedule and personal goals.

The overall aim of the CBL Program is to provide equal access to leadership development opportunities for all students on the Bentley campus.

Focus of CBL Program

The program's focus centers on action based effective leadership development of the individual and the individual's propensity to lead oneself and others. The following are the 5 C's of the CBL Program:
1. CULTIVATION - Gaining knowledge and experience in the area of leadership.
2. CHAMPIONING - Aiding in the leadership development of others.
3. COMMUNITY - Connecting with other students involved in the CBL Program.
4. CAMPUS - Applying concepts from CBL Program toward various opportunities to get involved on campus.
5. CAREER - Utilizing experience gained through CBL Program toward career goals and opportunities for employment.

CBL Requirements

To participate in the CBL program, you simply need to attend events — that’s it. In addition, you may choose to pursue obtaining official CBL status, which is based on completion of requirements, not previous leadership experience.  This is done as a way to level the playing field for all participants, and to allow for equal access to leadership development opportunities for all Bentley students. 

To earn CBL status, you must:

  • Maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA
  • Attend the required number of CBL events for two consecutive semesters. Specifics can be found in the program schedule.

Once you achieve CBL status, you will attend an induction ceremony, where you will receive a certificate and gift for your commitment to the program. See 'I am a CBLien' link at top of page for more information.

To maintain your status and receive a graduation stole/cord for your Commencement regalia, you must participate in the following opportunities of your choice:

  • Mentor a pod of aspiring CBL students through the Leader-Member Exchange
  • Become a member of the ENACTUS Bentley Team
  • Participate in office visits to explore leadership in an organizational setting
  • Attend CBL-exclusive sessions with guest presenters
  • Live on the specialty housing leadership floor specifically for CBL students
  • Assist with CBL program development through the CBL Action Committees
  • Participate in other on- or off-campus leadership opportunities

Leader-Member Exchange Mentor Program

Through the Leader-Member Exchange, first-year CBL students are assigned to pods and mentored by a current member. Pods attend CBL events together, and are encouraged to attend as a group other campus events as well. They also may work on special projects together. It is an excellent opportunity for gaining additional leadership skills by aiding the development of others, as well as exploring group development and dynamics.

Leadership Floor Specialty Housing

The Leadership Floor is a specialty housing option for students who have met the requirements of or are in the process of being admitted to the CBL program. It provides a community for you to engage and continue your growth as aspiring leaders.

Leadership Conferences

Fall Student Leader Training Conference

Traditionally referred to as the All-Star Conference, this one-day event provides training for all student leaders who serve on the executive boards of student organizations. The conference features many staff from around campus, in addition to select student leaders who facilitate training sessions covering topics such as:

  • Event planning
  • Budget procedures
  • Room reservations
  • Best practices for successful student organizations
  • General training for student organization management

Winter Leadership Conference

The Winter Leadership Conference (WLC) is a one-day conference that gives student leaders the opportunity to present sessions on topics ranging from general training to special topics of interest to Bentley students to fellow student leaders and others. This event also includes a presentations by a keynote speaker, representatives from companies in the greater Boston area, and Bentley alumni. Like the Fall Student Leader Training Conference, the WLC also helps newly-transitioned student leaders build their skills in running their organizations effectively.  The Winter Leadership Conference is presented by the Office of Student Activities, the Association for Bentley Activities (ABA), and the Certified Bentley Leader (CBL) Program.