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ALANA Experience

This year's ALANA Experience Program for 2015 brought first-year ALANA students to campus along with upperclassmen ALANA students, to get acclimated to life at the university, and build tools for academic and personal success. The student coordinators, the upperclassmen leaders, the faculty and staff, all of us here at Bentley had such a blast meeting some of our new incoming falcons! Want to check out some pictures from this year's program?

View our gallery of photos below!

Class of 2020 - are you ready? The 2016 ALANA Experience Program will take place Monday, August 22nd - Wednesday, August 24th, 2016.

During the ALANA Experience, you will:

  1. Learn how to succeed academically and socially
  2. Explore Bentley services and resources 
  3. Meet faculty, staff and administrators
  4. Network with corporate partners and Bentley ALANA alumni at special events and workshops
  5. Join the ASAP mentorship program

Registration is now open! CLICK HERE to register TODAY!

For more information on the ALANA Experience Program email Nina DeAgrela.

ALANA Student Advancement Program

Through the ALANA Student Advancement Program (A.S.A.P), we pair freshman and sophomore students with upperclass mentors to create a support system for navigating life at Bentley and promoting academic and social development.

Typically, mentees are first year students and mentors are juniors, with the relationship sustained throughout the mentee’s first two years at Bentley. Matches are made based on factors such as common personal interests, academic programs, and others. After completing the program, mentees then are able to become mentors for the incoming freshman class.

Students who participate in the ASAP program get better grades in class, enter leadership positions quicker, and tend to be more academically, socially, and professionally prepared at Bentley and beyond!

Applying to A.S.A.P

Applications are now being accepted for both mentees and mentors. Click the links to apply online to be either mentee or a  mentor. For more information, email Nina DeAgrela.

This year's coordinators are Stephanie Wehby, Saahil Mutha, Sarah Rumrill, and Mallika Subandh.

Check out the A.S.A.P Mentor and Mentee of the month.

 First Fridays with the Multicultural Center

Through our First Friday’s with the Multicultural Center we seek to connect students with the resources on campus that can help to enhance their education at Bentley. Each First Friday program takes place on the first Friday of every month each semester. The program connects students with offices or professional staff who give students advice on success on campus and in professional endeavors.The ultimate goal is for students and staff to get to know one another and faciliate conversation.    


Summer Transition Education Program

The Summer Transition Education Program (STEP) provides college admission support for high-potential students who may have faced academic, socioeconomic, or personal challenges beyond their control.  

Its benefits include:

  • Funding for Bentley’s Orientation program (for all new students) and a six-week residential program (exclusively for STEP students)
  • Two free summer courses
  • Monitoring of your academic progress
  • Mentoring, academic advising and tutoring
  • Counseling, support and referrals
  • Networking and professional development opportunities

For more information look at the Summer Transition Education Program (STEP) page or email Claudette Blot.

Get to know the STEP Class of 2019!

 Men/Women's Group 

The Multicultural Center seeks to empower men and women through programs of enlightenment, enrichment, and fulfillment through various activities and discussions put on by various staff from across the campus. Throughout the year both the Men’s Group and Coming Full Circle (Women’s Group) meet individually and occasionally together each month for discussion groups and informational meetings. Both groups were created to have students interact with one another and to build a sense of community among each other and the Bentley community as a whole. Specifically:

Coming Full Circle (Women's Group)  

Coming Full Circle consists of women faculty, staff, and students of color. Our goal is to allow college age young women to come together for fellowship, dialogue, social and professional networking.  Coming Full Circle ( CFC) will build up presentation and leadership skill that will allow them to use these refined skills in the classroom, in organizations and  the work place. Coming Full Circle holds their yearly retreat in the fall in late October.

Coming Full Circle Retreat Application

For more information, email Claudette Blot.

Mankind Movement (Men's Group)


The Mankind Movement consists of men faculty, staff, and students of color.  Our goal is to develop a sense of community at Bentley by supporting and educating one another about life.  The group meets biweekly and each meeting has a special discussion topic usually brought about by its very own members. Past topics include as relationship building, career development, time management, and more. The Mankind Movement will hold its annual retreat in Spring 2016. Stay tuned for more information.

For more information, email Nina DeAgrela.