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Conduct System

Our conduct system is designed to support a safe and stimulating campus climate by addressing student behavior. We do so through proactive outreach and educational initiatives, as well as through board hearings and holistic sanctioning.

Our philosophy is rooted in the educational mission of the university and based on the belief that:

  • You are responsible for your individual actions, as well as for the way that the community functions as a whole

  • When you can learn from your experiences, receive help from the university, constructively examine your behavior and take positive steps toward changing that behavior, the proper judicial response should be educational in nature.

  • When you are involved in behavior that violates federal, state or local law; or Bentley rules, regulations, policies and procedures, the university is bound to take disciplinary action.

Our conduct system affirms and protects the right of every member of the community to:

  • Be free from physical and psychological harassment based upon gender, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, nationality, ethnicity, disability status, veteran status or age

  • Study and socialize in a clean, well-kept, and safe environment

  • Sleep and study in reasonable quiet and privacy