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The Sacred Space

Housed in the Student Center, the Sacred Space is an inviting area for interdenominational worship or spiritual practice. Organized worship services and meditations are held here regularly, but all are welcome to use the space for quiet reflection, meditation and prayer. The Sacred Space also hosts monthly conversational programs about religion, spirituality and the practices that accompany a spiritual life.

Inside the Sacred Space, you will find:

  • An altar for use by any faith tradition
  • Resource center with religious texts and general spirituality information
  • Meditation pillows
  • Wudu Room, an ablution space for Muslim practitioners to cleanse themselves before prayer
  • Large tables and chairs for group gatherings
  • A piano (cannot be removed from the space)

Reserving the Sacred Space

The Sacred Space may be reserved for faith-based student organizations and other community members upon request. To make a reservation, contact or Paul Stanish, Associate Director, Student Center at